Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 69 172

Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 69

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTEDHERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURINGTHE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION We are in great pain, mother. We will grin and bear it. But, until we find the one who killedmy uncle, there will be no mourning. My brother’s dead body at one side… …Selcan’s words… …and the seal that was stolen my tent at another… How can we overcome all these disasters? This hurts all our hearts, mother. But we cannot be beaten downby our pain or our anger. First of all, we should lay my uncle to his final rest. Artuk Bey wants to see Ertugrul Bey,mother Hayme. Let him in, Rahman. I have to talk to you, my Bey. Go ahead, Artuk Bey. My mother knows everything.She can hear what you have to say. In this turmoil, I could not evenexpress my condolences to you. Thank you Artuk Bey. God bless you. Go ahead, Artuk Bey, we are listening. I heard Gumustekin Bey andTugtekin Bey talking about this. They want to set the courtimmediately after the burial. Gumustekin wants to kill and get rid ofBanu Cicek as soon as possible. That way, he wants to close both the sealand the murder matter for good. We cannot let that happen. If he is determined to do this,how will you stop him, Ertugrul? After the burial, we will talk to Tugtekin…

…and convince him for the Beydom headquarters as soon as possible. What if the court will be set tomorrow?What is going to change, son? There is a long night ahead of us andit is enough for us to save Banu Cicek. I’m in great pain. But all I know is that I believe in you. Do not let me down. Excuse me, Artuk Bey. You are the bravest woman I know, Aytolun. You did not abstain fromsacrificing yourself. Thanks to my auntwe have attained our aim, father. As long as Banu Cicek lives… …our aims will be our graves. Do not worry, Aytolun. Everything will come to an endin the court I set today. Selcan will dig her own gravewith her accusations. And Ertugrul… As soon as I gird on the Beydom sword myself… …taking care of Ertugrulwill be Tugtekin’s job. There is something I wishto ask you, Artuk Bey. That old woman who Selcan Hatunhas been talking about.

Who is she? Before I came to this place as a medic,she was the healer of the tribe. After Korkut Bey appointed me as the medic,she kept herself in silence. Healer, you say? Then she would knowhow to make a poison, too. Yes, she does, my Bey. They were poisoned by the same poison,yet while my uncle is at death’s door… …Aytolun Hatun lives.It sickens me, Artuk Bey. Selcan Hatun says that when the old womancame here, Aytolun dismissed her. Obviously, there is an ominous secretbetween Aytolun and this old woman. Whatever this secret is… …it kept her alive while killingmy aunt and my uncle. I will not let them take their secretsto their graves. I will not allow them to harm Banu Cicekin their illegal court. They will kill her. I cannot let them do this to Banu Cicek. Dogan.

Please, brother. Hold your horses. This is not the way to do this.Our Bey will surely find a solution. No, brother, we should saveour sister Banu Cicek. Bamsi, stop this. Do not fan the flame. Permission! I have a few questions for you, Dogan. Are you ready to give up oneverything you have? -Yes, I am Bey.-To be exiled? -Yes, my Bey.-To die? Always, my Bey. You will help Banu Cicek escape tonight. Now listen to me carefully. You will take a medicated sherbetmade by Artuk Bey to Banu Cicek. The Alps will probably not let you in. Give the sherbet to the guardsand make them sleep. There shouldn’t be any bloodshed. In this cold weather, nobody will say noto that hot sherbet, my Bey. Ready the horses that you will useto escape with Banu Cicek. After you escape, nobodyshould be able to blame… …Turgut or Bamsi for this,do you understand that? -Understood, my Bey.-What are we going to do, my Bey? You will watch over Dogan.

Make surethat nobody follows or notices you. -As you wish, my Bey.-As you wish, my Bey. After you escape, go toKurtbogazi and wait for my message. -Understood?-Understood, my Bey. If you are ready, we should leave.We have a funeral. -May it be easy.-Thank you. What is wrong, Turali? Do you miss father Demir? Is it possible not to, my Bey?Do you not miss him? Come here. I miss him too. I miss him as much as you do. But father Demir came,and talked to me last night. Where did he come? I saw him in my dreams, my Bey. So? What did father Demir tell you? He told me that someone made a weapon for me. And I will go to war with it rightbeside Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul Bey will make me an Alp. And he said that I will be a great Alp. Come here then. If God permits, Turali.

If God permits, my boy. If God permits. The genie is out of the bottle, Halime. That’s what I’m afraid of Selcan. From now on, all of their worrieswill be Ertugrul. Did you get what you wished for,Selcan Hatun? Yes, I did. After everything is revealedin the court, I will get more. And you will not be able to find evena single hole to hide in. I don’t know whom you haven’t poisoned with your accusations. But when all this is overyou will lose, Selcan Hatun. Do you know why I am happy, Goncagul? You will not be able to do things secretly. Your only weapon is living like a bugin nooks and crannies… …and distress the ones thatyou are able to get a grip on. But you will not be able to dothat anymore. I whirled your own evil around you,let us see if you can escape from that. Let us see how you will beable to deal with…

…all those sins that you have committedin the past. You are the cruelest woman I know, Selcan Hatun. You even have your own sibling’s bloodon your hands. Selcan. Please do not do that. How do you know all these things? I know. I know that you ambushedErtugrul Bey with Kurdoglu… …and I know that you persuaded Gokce, too. Who would believe a woman like you?Let us see what you will do… …when the people of two tribesfind out what an evil woman you are! Selcan, are you alright? Selcan. Heaven only knows why. What happened, Selcan?What is wrong with you? I think I am pregnant, Halime. Pregnant? Aunt. Mother. I am fine. I wanted to be on your side. Mother Hayme andErtugrul Bey are here, my Bey. Let them in. When I looked at youI saw my brother’s eyes. My father is gone, aunt. He will always be in you with his courageand his sense of justice. God willing. Please. -May his soul rest in peace, brother.-Thank you. Please, be seated. Son, do not leave your people leaderlessfor even one night.

The murderer who killed our Bey… …will pay for her crime, Hayme Hatun. The punishment should be decidedby the newly selected Bey. That’s the proper way for a Bey. My father is also a Bey inour tribe, mother Hayme. But he is not the Bey of the tribe. This is not a state matter, butan internal matter of the tribe. And the Bey is entitled to judge. With his sense of justice and grace. He should show that he is handling even his father’s death justly with grace. Hayme Hatun, you are wrong. Mother. Mother Hayme andmy brother Ertugrul are right. My people expect justice from me. I was defeated by my anger and painthat I forgot my people. Leaving the tribe evenfor one night without a leader… …would befit neither our traditionnor my father’s tent. Thank you. I appreciate it. Excuse me. What is it, daughter? Mother Hayme and Ertugrul Beycame to the tent, father. They persuaded Tugtekinto hold the Beydom headquarters now.

He wants to be elected as the Beyand rule the court himself, father. Then he will questionboth Selcan Hatun and me. I do not know how this will end.I am afraid, father. Do not be afraid, daughter. Then we will take precautions. How, father? Tugtekin made up his mind already. He might already have sent news to the Beys. So now it is time for Tugtekin to learnSelcan Hatun’s accusations. Tell your aunt to trouble Tugtekin’s head about some unpleasant news tonight. As for you, I will send Gundogdu to you. Tell him what kind of a woman his wife is. If Ertugrul wants the trial to be held tomorrow… …surely he has something else in his mind. I need to know what he andhis Alps are doing at all times. Do I have permission to come in, Gumustekin Bey? Come in, Gundogdu Bey. Excuse me, my Bey. -I was thinking of you.-What is the matter, my Bey?

Hayme Hatun and Ertugrul… …persuaded Tugtekin to hold the headquartersand set the court for tomorrow. It seems the justice will be servedby our new Bey tomorrow. God willing, your brother Ertugrulis not pursuing any other goals. Why did you want to see me? My Bey, I need to talk to you about somethingfor the sake of the court. The court is in our new Bey’s hands now,Gundogdu Bey. Alright, then I will take my leave. Ertugrul. I heard that you persuaded my motherto postpone the court date. Why? Are we not looking for justice, brother? This is not a state matter, brother.This is a matter of the tribe. And the Bey should be the one tosecure justice. Am I right? Try not to do something wrong, brother. In all these wrongs, finding the truthwill be Tugtekin’s duty, brother. Certainly, it will be his duty.However, you should know… …as the leader of the Alps,I will be informed about everything you do. You made my brother furious, Ertugrul. He is always like this.I did what needs to be done. And I will continue to push himuntil he sees the truth. -Do I have permission to come in, my Bey?-Come in. You asked for me, my Bey. Bogac Alp.

I know your loyalty to Tugtekin Bey. He is suffering a lot. It is time for us to support himin his dark days. I would give my life for my Bey. I think that Ertugrul is doingsomething wrong. Assign the Alps that you trustto keep an eye on Ertugrul’s Alps. If you have even the slightest doubt,come and let me know. As you wish, my Bey. -We want to talk to you about something.-What is it, son? On this sad day, it is hardto talk about this, I know. But… …the time for migration has come, mother. Where did that come from? Mother, as you know,my deceased uncle was… …the one who kept both tribestogether. And now he is gone. It is possible that Tugtekinwill be elected as the Bey. And sooner or later, he will learnwhat Selcan said. Also, you can guess what will happen whenDogan helps Banu Cicek escape tonight. Even if we prove thatGumustekin stole the seal… …and the murderers of my uncleare punished…

…I finally understood one thing, mother… …the soil that our high plane tree willtake root, is not here. I know that in my heart. Our constrained stay in ourDodurgali siblings’ lands is over. Spring is coming, mother.There is no time to lose. After the things that happened,I agree with you two. But where can we go, son? Places that we will be able to prosper… …become stronger and stand tallwith the will of God. Where is that place, son? We will go to the west, mother. To the Byzantine borders of our state. Well, what does your brother Gundogdusay about this? Let us recite Surah Al-Fatiha for our deceased Korkut Bey. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, “be”, and it is. In the 99 names of Almighty God Who blesses our hearts with faith. Dear Beys of the Dodurga.

You have honored our Beydom headquarters. In your presence, I am asking Godto bestow His grace upon our Korkut Bey. May God reward him with His heaven. Amen. Amen. Dogan. Brother Turgut, what are you doing here?Did you forget what our Bey said? I alone should take the horsesthat we escape with. We are being followed Dogan.Do not look. You cannot take the horses anymore. Who will take them then? Abdurrahman. It seems that Gumustekinsent his men to follow us. What am I going to do tonight?How can I lose them? Even if I did, they would getmore suspicious, right? -How can I help Banu Cicek escape now?-Stop. I am thinking. Bamsi and I will quarrel tonight. And you will use this opportunityto flee from the tent. But they need to thinkthat you are in the tent. After that, it’s up to you, brother. -I will run right after what?-Come on.

I will tell you later. Untie the horse, go to Abdurrahmanand tell him about the situation. He will take the horses. And I willtake the saddles to the tent. -Alright, brother.-Alright. Getting assigned is always desirable,Gumustekin Bey. I know that the ones who wish to be a Beyare feeling ashamed of saying so. As you have the honorof holding the headquarters… …we would like to knowwhat you have in your heart. Thank you, Artuk Bey. I think the Beydom deserves someone… …who has served our community. And that is Korkut Bey’s brave son, Tugtekin Bey. As you desire in your heart, Artuk Bey. Thank you, Gumustekin Bey. Hearing those words from a worthy mansuch as yourself, made me glad. I also nominate Tugtekin Bey as our Bey. We respect Tugtekin Bey dearly. However, we all know thathe was unable to show success… …as the head of the Alps. I also wonder how he will serveas the Bey of Dodurga. To tell the truth, I think withhis experience and knowledge…

…the one who fits this rank perfectlyis Gumustekin Bey. You asked for me, mother? Come son, sit down. We do not even have time to mournfor my brother. But… …there is something that I needto know what you think about. Yes, mother. What is it? Two tribes can no longertake the same path, son. This is how I see it. How can you say that, mother? Don’t you know that Noyan will come back? Don’t you know that peace is temporary? We need this unity. Remember what they did to uswhile we were migrating. Remember all our pain,all those martyrs, mother. We neither have a place to gonor have a place to stay. I think we should stay united.This is my opinion. What is going to happen when Tugtekinhears everything tomorrow in the court? If this unity will brake withsome accusations, then so be it. But, if God permits, tomorrowthe court will decide justly… …and this unity will continue. At least until we gain our strength back. This unity needs to stand,until we get rid of Noyan, mother.

Did Ertugrul said somethingto you, mother? Look, mother. You should not followErtugrul’s whims. You should not drag all these peopleto follow him with you. Mother, think this over. If you insist on doing this… …I swear to God I am not with you on this.You should know that. Deeming me worthy of the Beydommade me feel quite fortunate. Thank you all. However, this position suits Tugtekin Bey. As a son of Oguz, Tugtekin Bey… …has all the virtues to be our Bey. Thank you. Gumustekin Bey, we trust your words. However, how can you be so sure that… …Tugtekin Bey will be able to fulfillthe responsibilities of this duty? While fighting against theMongol heathens… …Tugtekin Bey escaped death… …and revealed his ability to be our Bey. The bravery and the sense of justiceof Korkut Bey… …is manifested through Tugtekin Bey. And he proved this again and againin all the wars that he fought! Thank you.

In that case, let the decision be madeby the Dodurga Beys. Anyone who wants Tugtekin Bey to bethe Bey of the Dodurga, raise your hands. Tugtekin Bey is the new Bey of the Dodurga! God willing, this will bring good fortuneand prosperity to our community. Amen. Tugtekin Bey… …may your reign bring peaceto our tribe. If God permits… …like the deceased Korkut Bey,you will be a just Bey… …who takes care of his tribe,his kin and his bloodline, my Bey. If God permits, Artuk Bey. Beys… …I appreciate that you all see meworthy of this position. Alright. I would like you all to know,I will carry this flag… …that I took over from my father,with great honor. -May God help us.-Amen. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

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