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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 65

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL I shut Korkut’s wife Duru’s mouth… …which is as big as my boots,and as poisonous as a snake… …with this poison. Now in the same tent… …I will decay the heart of that old manwho is her husband… …with the same poison. I asked so much from you, Aytolun. But the worst was that I askedyou to be Korkut’s wife. That old man’s smell on mewill vanish sooner or later. But your margrave… …will always be an inspiration to the Oghuz. As Tugtekin and Gokce are playingwith each other in the bridal chamber… …the old man who is his father,will draw his last breath. The wedding night… …will be the night for Korkut to dieand you to reborn, brother. How can I thank you for what you have done, Aytolun? If you will excuse me, brother. I have things to do in the tent. If you help me find what thatevil Aytolun hid in the tent… Enough! I will never betraymy Hanim and Bey! What is it that you knowbut do not tell, Banu Cicek? Solving this issue comesbefore everything. It is your duty to your Bey, Korkut? Banu Cicek! Banu Cicek! Banu Cicek? Where have you been?

I have been looking for you. -What are you doing here?-I am tidying around, Hanim. Is it the right time for that? First, finish the things I told you to do. Your wish is my command, Hanim. Banu Cicek, you have your head in the clouds. Since the Kayis came,we cannot get rid of troubles. Keep your eyes peeled. And never forget your dutyin this tent. Dogan Alp? May his soul rest in peace. Deli Demir was more than a father to you.I know. Thank you. Look, Banu Cicek. The thingsthat happened last time… All the things that happened last timeare bygones. Let us forget about them. Anyway, I was not kind at all. I went too far and put my dagger to the throat of a brave man like you. Thank you. Thank you. Banu Cicek. Tell me now. Why do you doubt Aytolun? I cannot tell you, but you should know…

…that evil Aytolun built a webon uncle Korkut’s tent… …like a poisonous spider. Now, she is doing the same onmother Hayme’s tent. Because of you,I entered Korkut Bey’s tent. I searched everywhere like a thief. I got almost caught. Now, you will tell me,but you will tell me the truth. Or I swear to God, I will cut offyour throat Selcan Hatun. Now tell me. Why do you doubt her? Banu Cicek. You know that… …Aytolun was uncle Korkut’s lover… …before aunt Duru died. I learned that from the old woman. I was going to learn more, but she killed her. But I know, I know Banu Cicek. What do you know? What more do you know? Aytolun killed my aunt Duruto be the Hanim of the tent. -Everliving God!-Righteous God! -Everliving God!-Righteous God! -Everliving God!-Righteous God! -Everliving God!-Righteous God! -Everliving God!-Righteous God! -Everliving God!-Righteous God! -Everliving God!-Righteous God! Everliving God! I told him not to come. I told him that many brave men would expectmany Zulfiqars from him. Even if two worlds came together…

…Deli Demir would never allow Noyan to leave this tribe. We will avenge the bloodthey shed, Ertugrul… …for both our many brave menand Deli Demir. Without finding the traitorin the tribe… …we can never avenge our many brave menor deal with Noyan, brother. How did Tangut manage to get the seal?Why did he revolt against Noyan? All the answers are here, Ertugrul.In this tribe. Ameer Sadettin already gavethe answer to that, brother. What are you trying to say, brother? Whoever tried to use Tangut,may use anyone in our tribe. It is high time to talk with Gumustekin. Banu Cicek. The necklace is very important to me. Aytolun killed that poor womanto silence her. Goncagul threatens me… …to tell everyone that I killed theold woman using my necklace. What else should I tell youto make you believe me? Duru Hatun was a motherboth to me and my sister. She brought us up.She was a second mother to us. Will you help me? To avenge aunt Duru as well? Will you help me? The necklace is in Korkut Bey’s tent. How are you, Goncagul Hatun? I am fine, my Bey.

You? Thank you. How is Gokce Hatun? She is excited. -It is not easy to be a Bey’s wife.-You are right. It is not easy to have a marriagewith a hero like Tugtekin. You are right, my Bey. I feel the same excitement in my heart. Know that we will be marriedas soon as possible. If God permits. Until the day comes,my heart will carry this excitement, my Bey. If God permits. Alright, I will take my leave then. She suddenly got in, my Bey.I could not stop her. What do you want, Selcan Hatun? Whatever you will say, do it later,will you? I know what you were doing with Aytolun,behind aunt Duru’s back…

…before she died, uncle Korkut! What are you saying? Do not try to act brave with me! Just listen to what I know! You lost your mind. Maybe, who knows? But first, listen to what I will tell youthen decide if I lost my mind or not! Be seated. What I will say may tire your old heart. Be seated. Do not worry! What I will tell you will stay between us.No one will know. However, only you will know what to doafter you listen to me. Do you remember the poor old womanthat was murdered near the tribe? Aytolun killed that woman, uncle Korkut. Do you know why? The woman took the most preciousnecklace of my mother from me… …to tell me what she knewabout Aytolun. And then she told me that beforeaunt Duru died, Aytolun was your lover. She would tell more, but she askedfor more gold. I went back to the tent to give her what she wanted. When I went back, she was already dead. Aytolun killed that woman. Do you know why, uncle Korkut? Do you know what she was going to tell me? I know, now. Aytolun killed aunt Duruto be the Hatun of tent! Get out of here! I told you to get out of here! My necklace is in your tent.Aytolun is hiding it. To blame me if I talk. God damn you, you sinister woman! You do not know what you are saying. You are consumed by jealousy…

…because Goncagul will be your husband’s wife My necklace is right herein this big chest. If you say one more word,I will kill you! If you do not settle this matter,from now on… …you are the second murdererof aunt Duru to me. You should know that! You are fast. But I am faster than you. Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Apparently, Gundogdu Beyneeds to train you more. Am I wrong, Ertugrul Bey? You are right, Gumustekin Bey. I have wanted to train with an adept Alplike you for so long. With your permission.

Permission is yours, Ertugrul Bey. Something is going on, indeed. If Ertugrul Bey talks about training,clearly, he wants to tame the man. Brother, it is high time to tamethis inauspicious man. Let us see what is wrong with our Bey. Finally, I have found the right Alpto train with. If God permits, finding the traitorwho terrorized our tent… …will be your destiny as well,Gumustekin Bey. What are you trying to say, Ertugrul Bey? I mean the seal stolen from my mother’stent, Gumustekin Bey. It is such a treason… …that one end will stretch to the Mongolsand the other to Konya. It is clear that you have thingsto spit out but not able to say. I mean Ameer Sadettin Kopek. I will not let the ones who followAmeer Sadettin Kopek’s way…

…to reach into my mother’s tent. It is my duty to cut off those hands. I wanted you to know. I am the representative ofAmeer Sadettin here. Every word that has been told about himis meant for me as well. Then you are blaming me as well,aren’t you? Ertugrul! What kind of training is this? Your brother’s tongue is as strongas his wrist, Gundogdu Bey. What are you getting at Gumustekin Bey? Your brother blames bothme and Ameer Sadettin. Allegedly, I stole the seal from yourmother’s tent with this command. How can you behave like this, brother? We have enough problemsin our tent as it is… …now you are bothering the Ameer of the state? I say somebody followingAmeer Sadettin stole the seal. A servant of his,living in our tribe.

Then, either my hand or your tonguewill be cut off. So that this unrest between uswill soothe, Ertugrul Bey. Gumustekin Bey? What is this sinister woman after again? Get yourself together Selcan.You did the right thing. Whatever happens to you, let it happenwhile walking on the right path. Instead of letting the bushesof the wrong path… …let the stones of the right wayprick your feet. Selcan Hatun. I told everything to Korkut Bey. Do not worry. He does not know about you. Even if he knows, do you think I care? I am ready to do what you will ask of me. Even as a kid, you were always so brave. We will wait to see what Korkut Bey will do. Now, go. Whatever happens, do not tellanything to anyone. It is high time, Banu Cicek.Trouble begins at a weak spot. When that happens, I do not wish anyoneother than me to be harmed by it. I will not let anything happen to you. If anything happens to me,you will carry the flag. There is no need for all of us to getthe dirty end of the stick.

Now go. It will happen the wayit was meant to be. What do you think you are doing, Ertugrul? How could you say such a thingto Gumustekin? How could you blame Gumustekinfor treason and theft? Gundogdu, what is going on? My brother Ertugrul sharpened his tongue. He sharpened so that he can try andcut off Gumustekin’s head when the time comes! Ertugrul. Son, what is happening? I know why the seal was stolen, mother. Do you think Gumustekin did that? My brother put his sword at Gumustekin’s throat in the training area… …in the presence of so many Alps, mother, his sword! The night it was stolen… …only you two knew that Sungurtekin had the seal. How is it possible for Gumustekinto know that there was a seal… …so he came in and stole itfrom our tent? Ameer Sadettin also knew that, mother. So you agree with that, Sungur? Do you agree with Ertugrul? Gumustekin stole the sealand gave it to Ameer Sadettin Kopek…

…and then he gave it to Tangut!Is that right? Yes, it is. Oh, great God! Spare my mind! Brother, do you have any proof,any evidence? You do not only accuse Gumustekinbut his His Highness Sadettin Kopek as well! I do not have any evidence yet, brother. But sooner or later,I will get that as well. You will! You will! While we are scorchingin the desert of pain… …I have found an oasislike Goncagul for myself… …and you ruined that as well! My brother, are you aware thatthe man you accuse is the father… …of the woman who is to be my wife! There are things that I know, brother. Brother, what are those things you know? Tell us! Tell us and make us aware! Tell mother! Let mother know as well! I am done talking. Done talking? Done talking! The mysterious act that you have beenplaying for so long… …made me tired brother,you should know that.

Not only yours, Sungur’s as well. I do not know who the people are that you consort with. However, the ones you consort with… …made you act like this,you should know that. There are no secrets that time does not reveal, brother. -I will not let it go.-Excellent, brother. Go wherever you wish to go.Go to the uttermost end of hell, Ertugrul. Gundogdu! I repent! May God forgive. Done talking! Look what he said! Instead of coming and talking to me, talking to our mother first… Good God! He put his sword to that man’s throatin the presence of the Alps, mother! How could he have done? Shame on you! What a shame! Brother, just be patient. Ertugrul may be right. Brother! What does it meanhe may be right? What if he is not? This is what we are fighting for! Vandalizing is not the way to do it! I have told him a thousand times! What will I do? I have just seen Selcan.

She left our tent. What does she want from you, my Bey? She spilled the beans. Her evil tongue utters her evil desires. What else would we expect from her? She told me that she knew what happenedbetween you and me before Duru died! That evil wants to hinderGoncagul’s marriage! She can tell every possible lie. Did she tell you anything else, my Bey? If Tugtekin finds about us and how my wife died… …how can I look at my son’s facewith this shame? Father. As Ertugrul was training, he put hissword to Gumustekin’s throat. Then, Gundogdu got between them. Do you see what is happening? We will see, Ertugrul is the onebehind this as well. Know your enemies. Take your measuresor it will be too late. What is my mother saying, father? What is happening? What is it that has a connection with Ertugrul? Ertugrul will pay the price for this! I will choke him on his own words! Whoever stands in the way of my cause,

I will not stop without smashing them! Brother! Are you alright? I heard what happened. I am not alright, Aytolun. Ertugrul knows more than I thought. He blamed me for the seal!Me! There is more, brother. Selcan came to talk with Korkut. Aunt, what are you saying? Your threats with the necklace willnot work anymore, Goncagul. She will spit her poison slowly. Who else did this sinister woman talk to? I followed her after she left our tent. I saw Banu Cicek leaving her tent. Apparently, she wants to useBanu Cicek’s love for Duru Hatun. -What did she tell to Korkut Bey?-I talked to Korkut. Selcan told him that she knows… …what happened between me and Korkutbefore Duru Hatun died. How could this happen?

What if she knows more? It is impossible for her to knowhow Duru died. Korkut sent Selcan away. What scares Korkut the mostis the possibility… …of someone telling Tugtekinabout the matter. This matter has gone too far. How far will it stretch like this? There is no peace for any of usuntil Korkut dies. Instead of waiting for the wedding,let us finish the job. Tugtekin and Gokce must get married. We cannot wait any longer. -Did you tell him everything, Selcan?-Everything. What did he say? He dismissed me. People talking abouthis intimacy drove him crazy. He is scared that Tugtekin may hear about this? Because of this, his hands are tied.

What about Duru Hatun’s death? He will soothe himself for some timethinking I made it up… …as I am jealous of Goncagul. However, I planted a seed of suspicion in her heart. It will devour him. Let us see when he will face Aytolunand talk to her. I did what I could do, Halime.The rest is Korkut Bey’s duty. I will come back as a margrave from Konya. And when I am back,Tugtekin must be the one sitting in the tent… …not the old man. Ertugrul and Selcan.

What if they act together? Maybe not now,but sooner or later that will also happen. Apparently, the tongue of that womanwill not stay silent. The arrow has been thrown. So what are we going to do now, father? We need to control Gundogdu. He is worried about you. He is afraid to lose you. I will do my best and fuel Gundogdu’s angerfor Ertugrul. If I can succeed, I will send his motheron him as well. And you should sound out that girl called Banu Cicek. Let us find out about her secrets.

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