Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 69 154

Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 64

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Be seated. What is wrong, mother? Trader Afrasiyab turned out to beNoyan’s man. What are you saying, brother? He kidnappedSelcan from the tribe. Do not worry. Selcan is fine.I managed to bring her back. Hamza Alp was martyred. I also managed to bring Noyan tothe tribe. Thank God we have witnessed these days.What about Noyan? He was just about to be executed,Ameer Sadettin Kopek came. A peace agreement was signed betweenour state and the Mongols. What does it have to do withthat bastard Noyan? We handed Noyan overto the Mongols in exchange for… …three captive Seljuk commanders. What are you saying, mother? How could you let something likethis happen, brother? We did not want to derail ourstate’s peace agreement. Just think about whatthis bastard murderer who… …even kidnapped Selcan Hatun…

…to achieve his goals would do to thewomen of our tent if he gets the chance. How could you let him leave… …knowing that he would take revenge from us, and our loved ones? What did Sungur Tekin tell about this?How did he let you free him? He persuaded us, and the men of both tribes… …to follow the peace agreement. Tell me, brother… …what would you doif you were in my place? Did we not come to these mountainsto die for our state? Now, are we supposed to break ourroyal decree? Blood must be spilled to find peace, brother. The peace that comes from that sick bastard will avail nothing us… …neither our tribe nor our state. You could not take any precautions. Mother, I am telling you as well. We paid for the mistakes with our many lives.

We will see what is going to bethe price for this mistake of yours. Where is Sungurtekin? He went after Noyan. Deli Demir must be with him. -What happened to you, Deli Demir Bey?-Deli Demir Bey. What happened to you, Wild Demir Bey? Oh, Deli Demir Bey. Who did this? Tangut. I killed Tangut. However, Noyanmanaged to escape. Father! Father! Father! Father! Deli Demir? Deli Demir? Deli Demir? Father! There are wheels within wheels,Ulu Bilge. Otherwise, that coward Tangut… …could not dare counter me. If Sadettin Kopekhad not thrown a bone to him… …he would not have dared this. Send his body to Saadettin Kopek.He should see his own death. We should set off to meet Ogedayright away, Ulu Bilge. You are badly wounded, Noyan.You should rest. We do not have any time to waste.

I need to prepare a bigger and strongerarmy for war. Our state made peace. Sadettin Kopek,who is the most precious Ameer… …of our Sultan came to our tribe,only to solve this matter. They do not care about any of these. They are so out of control that they chase Noyan just to kill him. They have killed Tangut. Noyan has managed to escape. As long as Sungurtekin and Ertugrul are alive… …they will continue to getin our ways and trouble us. The hammersmith who died.Is his funeral tomorrow? Yes. I will attend his funeral beforegoing to Konya tomorrow. You will do the necessary. Now that they arevery close to the deceased…

…I want to share the grief of my brave brothers. Did I mishear you, Ameer Sadettin? I am saying that they have to die, yet you are talking about sharing their grief? Which one is more powerful,Gumustekin? This or your weapon? What your weapon cutswill eventually be transformed into soil. But, cuts with this, will be eternal. If you want to be the margrave ofthe Seljuk, you should know this better. Whoever tries to take care of hisbusiness only with his weapon… …his life lasts only as long ashis weapon cuts. The real skill… …is to know being permanentlike this Seljuk engraving. It is to make his people reach prosperitywith bloodless victories. As for Sungurtekin and Ertugrul. I prefer them fighting for me… …rather than their stinky dead bodies. How will this happen? You will know when the time comes. Now, go. -His Highness Ameer.-Yes?

A stray horse broughta wicker basket to the yard. I thought you may want to see. You, bastard Noyan! Noyan. You fortunate rascal. So, you got the seal of Oghuz Khan,Sungurtekin. Good. The seal of the stateis in good hands. Throw his body to the woods. His death shall feast the ravens. What makes the landa homeland is a grave. You gave your life to makethis land home. Your wife, two sons, and your daughterbecame martyrs on the battlefield. Now, you have been martyred andreunited with them. You should know that… …I will not stop until my last breathto make this place our homeland. I swear in front of your dead body thatI will establish the state… …you longed for on the Byzantine lands. You should know that I am with you untildeath in this blessed cause, my Bey. I have waited for a brave man like youfor this blessed cause all my life.

May God help us! God willing, it shall be the voice of the oppressed and wrath to the tyrants in the hands of a lad like you. Praise be. Thank God for blessing us with you. Ertugrul was right again. Deli Demir was the first to paythe price for handing over Noyan. -God willing, he will be the last one, mother.-God willing, daughter. God willing. Peace be upon you, my brothers. May his soul rest in peace, brothers. May his soul rest in peace, my Bey. Whoever we love… …is departing this life one by one,my Bey. Then, it is our duty to diefor the rest, Turgut. -Peace be upon you.-And peace be upon you. Ertugrul Bey, Deli Demir is gone.He was going to make my first weapon. He was going to make me an Alp. Do not worry… …brave men like you will never be aloneon these mountains. After this, Turali is entrusted first toyou, then to me, my Bey. Of course, Artuk Bey, Of course. God is the Greatest! Brave sons of the Oghuz! I am Deli Demir from the Kayi tribe. For so long…

…I flared up the flames,I melted the iron. I made weapons from steel. I was my forefather’s future, and now my sons are my future. God is the Greatest! Mortal life. Life ends with death. Now, I am joining the caravanof the departing. However, I am leaving without worry. Ertugrul Bey, be at ease. When the time comes,the roses bloom… …the sun rises, and winter meets spring. God, Who has put the fire of conquest in your heart… …shall render you a conqueror. With thousands of mounted raiders,you will run from continent to continent. The sparkles of your horseshoes will strike fear into the heart of the cruel. Your conquestswill echo with the wind. The flag of our ancestors’ legacywill cover the horizon. I know that there willbe a poor Deli Demir. He will tellyour sagas to children. Spreading from mouthto mouth, your sagas…

…will give strength to the poor, and fear to the cruel. Under the flag, nobody will harm anybody. This path is tough, this path is full of suffering. Your burden is heavy. May God help you andbe with you, Ertugrul Bey. Ameer Sadettin. My brother Ertugrul and Iwant to talk to you. First of all, may his soul rest in peace. I heard you were closefriends with the hammersmith. I wanted to attend the funeralof this honorable brave man. My condolences. So, you are Ertugrul Bey. The source of pride for our Sultan. What happened is bothering us,Ameer Sadettin. Tell me, tell me. If there were no traitors in the palace… …Sungur Tekin wouldnot have been exposed… …and he would have kept his duty for his state. If you had not gallopedfor that bastard Noyan…

…he would have been executedand wasted away. Be at ease. We have cleaned all thetraitors in the palace one by one. Obviously, it was not enough. The traitors in the palace can reachthrough my tribe, Ameer Sadettin. Which cleaning are you talking about? You should know that I will find andcut off the hand of that promoter. His status in the palace does not matter at all. If you had obeyedthe commands of the state… …this poor hammersmithwould have been alive today, Ertugrul Bey. How can you say these… …considering what we have done for ourgovernment for years, Ameer Sadettin? Obeying the state does not mean toobey when you wish… …and rebel when you do not.

You should obey even if you are hurt. So that the governmentwill rely on you. Now, listen to me carefully. I was holding Tangut’s stringsfrom the beginning. It was fine until Ertugrul gotinvolved in the Karabey issue… …and rocked the boat. Then, Sungurtekin came. I pulledhis leash tight, and he cut my horse. What are you saying, Ameer Sadettin? If you had not shown up with that oldhammersmith showing heroism… …Tangut was going to kill Noyan andtake your responsibility. I was going to assign the commanding duty to Tangut instead of Noyan. I was going to make him drown in gold. However, you and the old hammersmithmessed it up. This state was not establishedwhile herding goats like you do, Beys. Of course, there was always supportfrom brave men like you. However, the state is way aboveyour apprehension.

No wonder that we have beenstanding tall and strong… …for hundreds of years in these lands and… …thousands of years in the world. I toldeverything to Sultan Aladdin. He is to write a letter and confirmmy words to you soon. I wish that both of you with your bravery… …will learn to obeythe state and its commands. I have my eyes andears on you after this. God willing… …you will not disappoint me again. We will avenge Deli Demir.Noyan will die eventually. I will do whatever is necessaryfor him to die. Be sure that it will bevouchsafed to you. Because it is your right. May God protect you. -What do you think, brother?-I do not know, Ertugrul… …who to trust, if we do not trust the man that comes after the Sultan. -What do you think?-I will wait for the Sultan’s letter. I am not feeling at ease. The seal must be in safe handsfrom now on, Ertugrul.

I want you to give the seal tothe wise men. From now on, my duty is over. I will go wherever my tribe goes. Peace be upon you. Dear God… …You are the Most or Entirely Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy, and the Exceedingly Forgiving… Dear God. We showed ingratitude and abominated. We lost the dignity of being Muslim. We could not be grateful enough for yourblessings. Forgive us! Dear God. You made a cave as a castle,a spider web as an armor… …a pigeon as a spear forMuslims against the cruel. Dear God! Get us from the well that we are in today. Help us out and show us mercy so thatwe can reach our dignity again… …we can be worthy of being Muslim,being free as a human. Help our brave men sothat we do not bow to the enemies. Help us so that wewill not give our freedom to the tyrant. We shall always be victorious. Amen! We are mourning for the brave son ofthe Oghuz… …the hammersmith Tarkan, Deli Demir.

There is not a day without mourningin this tribe. I know that both tribeshave suffered a lot. Many of our brave sons have become martyrs. I hope Deli Demir will bethe last Hayme Hatun. And our tribes should find peace. There is peace between the two states.However, Noyan will break the peace. He will not stop. He will be back eventually to kill us. You should have thought of it… …before you handed over Noyanto Ameer Sadettin, Sungurtekin. What happened has happened.From now on, we must think of the future. If we had been afraid of death… …we would not have foughtfor our state… …on the mountains of Erzurumagainst the Mongols. Now, peace is hope for us. We all must continue our lives. I say, if you approve, I would like to… …solemnize the marriage of my son andGokce.

You are right, Korkut Bey. His martyrization setour hearts on fire. Our pain is great. But, as you said, life goes on. We shall solemnizethe marriage of our children soon. -May it be easy, Hatuns.-Thank you. May it be easy. You are heavily pregnant Halime Sultan,what are you doing? I washed three pieces, Ertugrul Bey. Do not see me as Sultan’s daughter.I am the girl of the tribe. He is struggling to becomea braver… …and stronger man in your belly. There is a great uproar inside me,Ertugrul. He is fluttering to conquerthe world. What if it is a girl? If it is a girl… …then, she strugglesto be as beautiful… …brave, and smart as her mother.

I can imagine him riding a horse onthese mountains with you, Ertugrul. From Erzurum to Ahlat,Diyarbekir to Aliagi. -Maybe from Enguru to Sogut.-Enguru? We will set off as soon as it isspring and trees blossom, Halime Sultan. Where to, Ertugrul? Our son will ride on the Byzantian borders. Did you talk to mother Hayme andGundogdu Bey? Not yet. Ertugrul, we just got out of trouble. It means going into new troublejust as we have found peace. What would they say to this? We will see when it is time. However, all I know is that we will set off as soon as our baby is born. Wherever you go, we go Ertugrul. You should know thatwe are three from now on.

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