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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 70

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Permission! Are you ready? We are ready, my Bey. However, Gumustekin put his Alps on ourtail. They are watching our every move. Abdurrahman took the horses, my Bey. We will elude them at night anddo the necessary. Do not worry. Thank you. I trust you. Be on the alert. When they learn about this, first,Tugtekin will sic his Alps on us. Do not dissent. What I want from you is to bow to themwhen Tugtekin’s Alps come. Is it clear, Bamsi? It is clear, my Bey. Give your blessings, my Bey. I give you my blessings, brother Dogan. May God be our helper. Your virtue as a Bey will bring welfareand safety to the Dodurga tribe. Thank you. Your experiences willguide me, Gumustekin Bey. God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey!

God bless you! Brave men of the Dodurga! We have survived many battles, and grieved many times. Thanks to our deceased Korkut Bey… …we rose over every single obstacle standing in our way. The blood flowing from our weaponsswept like a holy river. This is how we will do it after this. I will avenge my deceased Korkut Bey. Now, the time for the Dodurga… …is to get rid of the traitors among usand rear up! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey!God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey!God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey!God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! God bless you, Tugtekin Bey!God bless you, Tugtekin Bey! Tugtekin Bey. The revelations received regularly byour Prophet was interrupted for a period. At that times, Hazrat Gabrielwas not seen to himself. Thereupon, some of the polytheistsmocked with him and said…

“His God forsook Muhammad.His God abandoned him.” Our Prophet who was facingharsh responses of polytheists… …since the day he started inviting peopleto the religion of God… …was exposed to their mocking this time. This matter was upsetting him a lot. His biggest helper was his Godbeyond any doubt. The revelations coming from Godwere giving him strength and power. They were guiding him on how to invite people. With the interruption of the revelations, the Prophet was deprived of his God… …his sole basis and comforter. At that very troubling times of our Prophet… …Surah Ad-Duha was revealed. His God told His Prophet… “By the morning sunlight, and the night when it falls still! Your Lord ‘O Prophet’ has not abandoned you, nor has He become hateful of you. And the next life is certainly far better for you than this one.

And surely your Lord will give so much to you that you will be pleased. Did He not find you as an orphan then sheltered you? Did He not find you unguided then guided you? And did He not find you needy then satisfied your needs? So do not oppress the orphan, nor repulse the beggar. And proclaim the blessings of your Lord.” This surah gave strength and heraldto our Prophet. Having attained the distinct honor of becoming our prophet’s ummah, we surely have lessons to learn. We shall know that our Lord would never abandon us even if the darkness covered the earth… …and cruelty spread all over the universe. In a world where discord is sown… …where cruel tyrannize the oppressed… …where cruelty is spread all over the universe, where a brother kills a brother… …our duty is to establish goodness, beauty, and morals… …undauntedly without losing our hope. The reward of this grand battle will begiven to us… …in the afterlife if not here. Indeed, this is God’s true promise for His Muslim subjects. This path is certainly tough. But our God says…

“Do you think you will be admitted into Paradise… …without being tested like those before you?” The strongest voice in the sky will bethe voice of truth and right. As long as we do not lose our faith… …and fight without losing our hope. Gumustekin convinced people who thoughtTugtekin is young and would shirk his duty. Well, if it is not about the Beydomof the Dodurga, what does this man want? What do you think, brother? He must be after something else, a higher position maybe… …if he did not become a candidatefor the Beydom. What does this mean, Ertugrul? He must eventually receive recompense fromKonya for his services to Ameer Sadettin. With a big bone in his mouth. He will desire to smash mewith that bone first. Then everybody around me. He cannot afford that, my Bey. His murderer is Aytolun, my Bey. Tell me everything. Tell me, or I will cut youlike a sacrificial animal here. Tell me!

Aytolun killed the old woman!Goncagul knows this as well! Ah, Selcan, ah! What have you done? Selcan is a troubled woman, my Bey. It is obvious that you are a merciful man. You have such a pure heart that youhave not abandoned your wife for years. I know you have many burdens. Being this mournful and alonedoes not befit you, my Bey. I do not know what to do anymore. Dear almighty God, guide me to the right. May the truth revealso that I can be at ease. Do not let everything to end because of my wifewhile we are trying to stand tall… …against the Mongols by unitingtwo tribes. I resorted to you from every evil,every malignity. Do I have permission to come in, Artuk Bey? Come in, Dogan Alp. Dogan Alp. Do not worry. You will protect Banu Cicek from the crueltyof tyrants, God willing. Look, I prepared a sherbet that couldmake a bear spend the winter sleeping. May God bless you, Artuk Bey. I have fought many battles, but I havenever been afraid of death. However, now, I am afraid thatI cannot protect Banu Cicek. I wish you prepared something thatcould set my mind at ease.

“Surely Allah is with those who shun evil and who do good deeds.” You shall be at ease, Dogan Alp.-Thank you. Behind this veil of mystery, there arebetrayals that could debilitate… …not only our tribe but alsoour state, mother. How will you reveal the truth after youkidnap Banu Cicek, Ertugrul? I will draw Gumustekin on myself, mother. This is the only way to protectboth Selcan and Tugtekin. What kind of a game is this? Not a game, mother. It is war. A war that we will go throughwithout weapons but with our minds. Sometimes, you have to set another fireto quench the fire. Gumustekin is going to haveto attack me desperately. Then, I am going to findhis weak point and attack. So, this way my brother Gundogdu will see the truth. Gundogdu was upset with me when he heard that I was supporting you. He does not talk to Selcan, either. He is alone in his tent. How did my brother respond when youtold him that it was time to migrate, mother? He said, “Our path is togetherwith the Dodurga.

We cannot be separated when there is such a trouble like Noyan.” So… …what will happen if your brothersays no, Ertugrul? Then, we will go, mother. What if I say no? Then, I will go with those who believe in me. If nobody believes in me… …I will go alone. Bamsi, what did you not understand? We are being followed. We should evade the Alpsfor Dogan to help Banu Cicek escape. This is why you and I will fight. When the Alps are busy with us,Dogan will disappear. Now, do you understand?-Of course, I understood that, brother. I do not understand why we have to fightfor Dogan to help Banu Cicek escape. Brother, we need Alps these days. I am heavy-handed. Why are we sacrificing you? I took the sherbet from Artuk Bey.Are you ready? Brother Dogan, look. We should not killTurgut to save sister Banu Cicek. It is a pity. He will become disabled at worst.

Do you think I am one of those cowards? How can you mock with me? I am neither like the bears you killed in yourdream, nor like the heathens you killed. Watch yourself. Maybe I will be the last person your eyes will see, Bamsi. -I understood, brother.-You understood. -I understood you.-Good. Come. Bamsi, do not touch me everor I will beat you! Turgut, come here. Come here, Turgut! Go away, or this will and bad! Come here! We are not over yet! Turgut! Bamsi! What are you doing?What if Bey sees you? Dogan! You stay out of this! Go sleep! I do not want to dealwith you as well! Whatever! I am going to sleep! How could you talk about Selcan Hatun?Do you have no conscience? Stop, brothers! Stop! Do not do this! -How can a brother do this to another brother?-Stop, do not do this! -You wanted this! Come on!-Come on! Come on! Stop! Stop! Enough. Please, brothers!

-It is enough!-Stop! How can a brother do this to another brother? Enough. Stop. Stop. -Shame on you!-Shame on you! -Bamsi, enough!-Calm down! -Bamsi, enough!-Enough. Stop. Come here! Let go of me! Alright! Alright! -Congratulations on your new position, my Bey.-Thank you. Congratulations on your new position, my Bey. Thank you, Yigit Salur. -Congratulations on your new position, my Bey.-Thank you, Durgun. Mother Hayme and his family are hereto congratulate you, my Bey. Welcome them. -Excuse me, my Bey.-Of course. Welcome, mother Hayme. Congratulations on your new position as the Bey, Tugtekin. Thank you. Please be seated. Congratulations on your new position as the Bey, cousin. Thank you. Thank you. Please. You will be the honor of the Dodurgaas the Bey, Tugtekin Bey. -Thank you.-May God bless you. Thank you. Please. May you bring power to your tent with your justice, mercy, and strength, Tugtekin Bey.

Thank you, Ertugrul Bey. Thank you, please. Congratulations on your new position as the new Bey, Tugtekin Bey. Thank you, Halime Hatun. Please. -Peace be upon you, brothers.-And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. What is going on, Dogan? I brought hot sherbet to Banu Cicek Hatun. What are you doing with thismurderer woman? The court tomorrow will decide whether or not she is a murderer, brother. Everything will be revealed tomorrow. Go away, Dogan. We cannot let anybody in. Alright, then. Then you should drink it. It will warm you up. If you feel a little sorry,offer some to Banu Cicek Hatun. May your bloodline grow, and your heritage prosper, as the new Bey. May you never leave the path of justice. Amen. My Bey, in our traditions, the Beydom celebrationis established on another grief. The grief of Korkut Bey will alwaysbe in our hearts,

you should know. Thank you. The day I end the sedition that is harming my tribe will be the holy day. Gumustekin Bey and Goncagul Hatunare here, my Bey. Let them in. Welcome. May God bless your Beydom, my Bey. Thank you. Please. May God bless your Beydom, my Bey. Thank you, Goncagul Hatun. Thank you.Please. Beys of the Kayi believed in me like the Beys of the Dodurga… …and came to congratulate me by honoringmy tent. Thank you. God willing, the unity of both tents will continue until we stop those heather Mongols. If God permits. The biggest legacythat Korkut Bey left us… …is the unity of both tribes. It is our duty to do what is necessaryto adhere to his will. Like my father said, sharing a common fate of both tribes is above everything. I will show my loyalty to this holy position that I took over… …in my painful day with my justiceand mercy,

like Ertugrul Bey said. God willing, the murderer of my father will beserved right in court tomorrow. If God permits. If God permits. If God permits, if God permits. Dogan Alp! We are leaving, Cicek Hatun. Are you out of your mind? Why are you doing this? Do you know what will happen to you? It is the order of my Bey. Let us hurry. I have to kidnap you so that the truth can be revealed. First, we should take the guardsinside and tie them. Do I have permission to come in, Gundogdu Bey? Come in, Gumustekin Bey. I am afraid that the unity of both tribes may be harmed. Is something wrong? When Tugtekin Bey hears aboutSelcan Hatun’s slanders tomorrow… …we cannot restrain him easy like this. Goncagul will testify in courtas you wish. But, you should know that… …her words are going to harm bothtribes deeply, not only us. You should be readyfor this, Gundogdu Bey.

Tell me what you know, Gumustekin Bey. Ask this to my daughter, not me. She will explain everything. Then, if you allow me, I would like to speak to Goncagul Hatun. Go, then. Maybe you will prevent the disasterthat will happen tomorrow. I wanted to wish you good night, mother. Do you want anything from me? Gokce daughter went to bring fresh water. I will take my medicine thatArtuk Bey prescribed. I will be better tomorrow, if God permits. If God permits. If God permits. You shall stay tall in court tomorrow… …so that everybody sees the might of our Beydom. You are the only support I haveon such a painful day, mother. I know. I know. I never doubt that. My son, late justiceis no good for anybody. Especially when there areominous clouds over us. What do you mean, mother?

Nothing. Mother. The peace that we had when your fatherwas alive must have bothered somebody. They have spread rumors about us. You will hear this in court. It really hurts me more to hear aboutthese impure gossips… …while I am mourning for Korkut Bey. What is it that you know but not telling me? It is very hard for me to talk aboutthese in my Bey’s tent. However, since you asked… …maybe it will be better for you to know it as the Bey of this tribe. Do I have permission to come in, Goncagul Hatun? Come in, Gundogdu Bey. I have the permission of Gumustekin Bey. I want to talk to you. I heard that you also wanted me to testifyin court, my Bey. Obviously, Selcan Hatun confused youas well, with slanders. You broke the pitcher where unpleasantsecrets were kept. It is the best. It was about time. I will tell everything.I will testify in court. Then, you will learn everything, my Bey. Goncagul Hatun, I may draw my last breath before that.

Tell me everything right here right now.I am out of patience. This necklace is the necklace thatmy mother gave to Selcan at the wedding… …and her mother gave it to her before. Why do you have it? Selcan Hatun is a more dangerous womanthen I guess, Gundogdu Bey. Excuse me for saying this. It seems that she wanted to sowdiscord with this necklace… …that once belonged to her mother. What do you mean, Goncagul? I saw with my own eyes that she tried tobuy that old lady with this necklace, my Bey. Tell me. Tell me everything. Tell me, mother.What are you hiding from me? Selcan, she is sowing discordin the tribe again. Her lies are spread in the tribe like plague. Tell me, mother. Tell me so thatI can do what is necessary. Dying… …is better than beingslandered by her. She says…

…that I had illegitimate… …relationship with Korkut Beywhen your mother was alive. That ominous woman is responsible for all this evil. I did not talk over the issuefor not upsetting your father… …when he was alive. I do not have the strength to keep silent anymore. Selcan has kept talking… …since the day Gundogdu Beywanted to marry Goncagul. So that is her problem! Yes. I did not want to talk about this. But maybe it is better for you… …to hear this from me. Tell me, mother. Tell me. Tell me. What do you mean, Goncagul?Speak frankly. I was returning from collecting healing herbsfor my father’s feet. I heard something. I saw them spouting. The old woman threw away the necklacethat Selcan gave her saying that… …she could not do this to Aytolun Hatun. I knew Selcan was up to no good. I wanted to go and tell this to my aunt. By the time we heard about thatan old woman’s body was found. When everybody left…

…I went and got the necklace fromwhere the old woman threw it. -What did you tell her?-I did not tell anything. -I said what did you tell her?-I did not tell anything. What is this? I did not tell her anything! She knew she was guilty and forgot her necklace. Maybe, she searched for it but could not find it. I took the necklace and hid it. I understood everything. What did you understand, Goncagul? Tell me for God’s sake. What? That Selcan killed that old woman. Then, she started to threaten me every dayto get off your back. One day, I could not resist and told her… …that I had the necklaceand I knew everything. I know that you killed that old woman. What are you saying? Your necklace was found on her body.

It is obvious that you killed her. Because she did not want to take it.The proof is your necklace. And I have it. I kept quiet for younot to be any more shame for my Bey. But with the smallest mistake of yours,Gundogdu Bey, Korkut Bey… …and mother Hayme will learn the truth. I will make the headquarters execute you, Selcan. Stay away from us and our happiness. Goncagul, do you know what you are saying? I know. And I will tell about all thisin court, Gundogdu Bey. Selcan killed that old woman, is that so? Yes. She will answer for this in court. What else do you know? It would not suit me to speakif I cannot prove it. No, Goncagul. No.I am not judging you here. All I want to know is the truth. Is it true what Aytolun Hatun said? Is it true? My beautiful sister. When will you give up ruining your life listening secretly to what people speak?

When will you give up bandying about? I am out of patience now! Tell me the truth now! Tell me, is it true? Tell me the truth! Permission! -My Bey!-Get out, Gokce. -Tugtekin.-Get out, Gokce. -My Bey.-I said get out! I said get out! My Bey, I will not go anywhereuntil I learn the truth! This devil sister of yours was spreading liesabout an illegitimate relationship… …between Aytolun Hatun and my father. Even before my mother died! Sister, is this true? Yes. But not slander, just the truth. -My Bey.-Tell me, Selcan Hatun. Tell me, or I will kill you.Tell me! Do I have permission to come in, mother Hayme? What is it, Abdurrahman? Mother Hayme, Tugtekin Beygot into Selcan Hatun’s tent. She slandered my aunt and Korkut Bey telling… …they were having an affairbefore marriage. On top of it…

…she said that my aunt killed Duru Hatunbecause she wanted to be the Hatun of the Bey. What else should I say, Gundogdu Bey? She tried to cheat Banu Cicekwith her slanders and wanted her to kill them. Do you know why, my Bey? Just to prevent me from marrying you. She tried to cross us by blaming me,my aunt, and my father. Is this not enough, my Bey? What is done is done to that stupid girl. I will not let Selcan Hatunto get out of this as pure as the driven snow. Even if you hate me, I will not let this go. Take this necklace, my Bey. Give it to your mother. So that she will see herselfhow unjust her daughter is. -Speak woman!-My Bey! Please do not do this. Tell me what you know about Aytolun Hatunand my father.

Speak! This is not all, my Bey. There is more. The ignoble woman who set you on metold you not everything. Speak. Have you never suspected your mother’s sudden death… …who could get water from a flint, Tugtekin Bey? -What do you mean?-Do you not still understand? I shall tell you once again. Both your mother’s and your father’s murderer is still in your tent! Tugtekin Bey! Tugtekin!

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