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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 68

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Korkut Bey’s condition is critical. I drew too much blood out of his body. If I draw a little more, I am afraidhe will die of blood loss. I did everything I could. Will my brother get better, Artuk Bey? Unless I know what kind of a poison it is,I cannot say anything, Gumustekin Bey. I have found this in his tent. Just as I thought. This is the most dangerous poison of all. It shows its curse instantly, butdoes not leave any trace behind. If they had slept last night,we would have found both their dead bodies. And there would have been no trace left behind. You may leave. You do not need to wait here. Go back to your tents. We cannot do anything but pray. Korkut Bey. Forgive me, my Bey. I wish I had died instead of you. I could not protect you. Will you deny it? It does not matterwhat I say, Gundogdu Bey. You poisoned Korkut Bey and Aytulun Hatun,in the presence of the Alps. That is not true, my Bey. What about the bottle of that poison that I have found in your tent? Is that a lie too?

They used me, Gundogdu Bey. If you want to find out the truth,there is only one person who knows it. Selcan Hatun. Go to her, my Bey. She will tell you everything. Brother? Dogan? Banu Cicek did not do this, brothers. Banu Cicek would sacrifice her lifefor her Bey. She would sacrifice her soul. But shewould never poison him. Did you hear about what happenedto Banu Cicek? Yes, I did, my Bey. Do you have anything to say? I know that your heart belongs to her. Yes, I have, my Bey. Despite all these slanders,she still owns my heart. Tell me then. Tell me, so that there will be nothingleft uncovered. Tomorrow morning she will be questioned. This is her last chance. I promised Selcan Hatun thatI would not say anything to anyone. Selcan Hatun? Yes, my Bey. Aytolun Hatun has been up to devilishplans in Korkut Bey’s tent. In order to reveal the truth,Selcan Hatun needed…

…to get back her necklacethat she left in the tent. She has asked Banu Cicek for help. But after Banu Cicek said thatshe would not betray her Bey… …she came to ask my help.I also talked to her. But again, she did not agree with it. And then, you know what happened, my Bey. How? How? My God, how? Selcan! Tell me everything! Tell me, or I will cut you into pieceslike a sheep! Tell me! Before aunt Duru died, Aytolun was thelover of uncle Korkut, my Bey! Say your last prayer, woman! Say your last prayer becauseI will kill you right here! Unless I kill you, there is no peaceeither for me or our tribe! Kill me! Slice my throat right now! Slaughter me, and both of us willbe freed! If you are going to search for peaceby hiding behind lies, go ahead! Sacrifice me right here! Ease your heart! But if you have a little courage in yourheart, listen to me, my Gundogdu. Tell me then! Tell me!

-Brother, do not do it!-Do not get close, Ertugrul. I am so tired of this already. Speak! The body of that old woman we found outside the tribe… …Aytolun is her murderer, my Bey. Aytolun, you killed her! Murderer! Murderer! Let me go! I am telling you she isa murderer, she killed her! Murderer! The old woman talked to me. She was goingto say more but asked for gold to speak. She was not satisfied with the necklacethat mother Hayme had given me. Her greed caused her death. I came back to the tent to get her gold… …so that she would tell us more, my Bey… …but when I went back, she wasalready dead. You are telling me these so thatI would not take Goncagul. Somehow Goncagul has found the necklace,and she threatened me. She accused me of killing the old woman. She said that she would not say anythingto protect the honor of Gundogdu Bey.

But she is lying, my Bey. Aytolun killed the old woman.Goncagul knows that too! Brother! Brother, please do not do this. Brother, stop! Brother! Brother, stop! That devil is the one who poisoned myuncle too. I almost believed you. The seeds of suspicion that you sow in me,almost sprouted. But the devil inside you is still alive. Aytolun is also fighting for her life,right beside Korkut Bey, Selcan. God damn the day I took you inmy tent, woman! -Damn you! God damn you!-Brother! Brother calm down, pull yourself together. We will learn what happenedduring the interrogation tomorrow. Tomorrow, you will be questioned too! Take this before I do anything bad. Now tell me everything from thevery beginning, Selcan Hatun. The one who poisoned themwas not Banu Cicek, my Bey. That girl is innocent.I swear she did not do it. Why do you think that Aytolunkilled aunt Duru? Did that old woman tell you this? So? Nobody told me,

I did not see it either. But I know, my Bey. I know. A voice in my heart tells me so. Aytolun is a murderer. I know, I acted foolishly. But you should not be angrywith me, mother. You should know that both Selcan and Itried for justice to be served. But we could not know thatthis would happen. Is this better now, Halime? Did you think that you would solveeverything by acting on the sly? How could you do this by ignoring me, and your husband? I talked to Selcan. She told me everything. She said that you also knew everything. Forgive me, Ertugrul Bey. Selcan told me to wait untilthe wedding for her to tell everything. That is why I could not tell you. How can you keep secretsfrom your Bey, Halime Sultan? How can this be? If you had told me everything in thebeginning,

things wouldn’t have got this far. Look at us! Look at what I hear while mybrother is fighting for his life! My God, I am about to lose my mind! My tribe turned into a cesspool,and my daughter is involved in it! Mother! Mother. I never abandoned my Nasuh repentance… …or the promise I made to Ib Arabi, mother. Whatever it is that you have heard, I am standing behind my words. I will tell everything I know, tomorrow. If you tell a single lie… …I will not let you live here… …or in any other Turkmen tribe, Selcan. Dear God. I have no one left to take refuge inbut You. I beg you, please guide Ertugrul Bey. Guide him so that… …he can save us all from this malice. I would like to see Banu Cicek. Tugtekin Bey has orders. He told us tonot to let anyone in, my Bey. I have some questions to ask this girlwho is said to have poisoned…

…-my uncle and my aunt.-My Bey. Why did you do this to a man who has beena father to you, Banu Cicek? My Bey, I did not intend to kill eitherKorkut Bey or Aytolun Hatun. I am innocent. That is all I have to say. What is Selcan Hatun’s position in this? She told me everything. Selcan Hatun is not involved in this. I believe everything she says. Sooner or later, divine justice will bemanifested. Do you trust in the court thatwill be set, Banu Cicek? Never. My Bey, I trust in God first and then you. The one who poisoned Korkut Beyis Aytolun Hatun. She put the blame on me. So what, this woman poisonedherself as well? Anything may be expected from that demon. My Bey, I know that I will be executedsooner or later. You should not only avenge me… …but Korkut Bey and Duru Hatunas well. I do not have anything else to say. What is their condition, Artuk Bey? There is nothing else to doexcept for praying and waiting.

But as for Aytolun Hatun… …she obviously drank only a little bit of that syrup. If God permits, she will recover. I did everything I could. It seems… …that you looked for the thief in yourtent in the wrong place, Hayme Hatun. The one who is responsible for allof this is Banu Cicek. Let us pray that everything will come tolight in the interrogation. Without the need of the court. What you should do is not to be biased. Otherwise, when the court is set,I will ask for a judge from Konya. You should know that. If you allow us, I would like to startthe questioning, Hayme Hatun. Bring her. We would like to solve this matterbefore the trial starts. You are proven guilty of the offense. Confess and save us all from this trouble. I am innocent. I will tell everything I know at thecourt. What are you going to tell?

Will you tell how you poisoned them? -Tugtekin Bey.-Or how you attempted that? -What are you going to tell?-Tugtekin Bey. We are all devastated. But we are here to solve this case. Why are you waiting for the court?Tell us now. That night… …after I gave the wedding sherbetto Korkut Bey and Aytolun Hatun… …I left the tent. Sometime later, Aytolun Hatun,cried out for me. I went in and saw that Korkut Beywas on the floor. He was fighting for his life. Aytolun Hatun attacked me with her dagger,saying that I poisoned him. So, I fought back for self-defense. Guardian Alps came in. They punched me in the head, and I fainted. When I opened my eyes, they weretaking me to the caged tent. That is all I have to say. I have committed no sins. I am innocent. Gundogdu Bey. As the head of the Alpswho carries out this inquiry… …do you have anything to sayto this woman? -Blend them together.-Alright. My Bey? My Bey? Korkut Bey? Slowly, my Bey. Do not tire yourself, my Bey. The bottle of that poison I found in your tent…

…Artuk Bey says that the poison was used. Tell us, why was that bottle in your tent? Whoever did this… …put the bottle in there as well. After putting the poison in thewedding sherbet… …why did you feel the need to take thebottle into your tent? What is your problem, Ertugrul? Is it your job to protect this womanwho attempted on my father’s life? Also… …while serving the Bey and Hanimin the tent… …when did you have the chance to hide the bottle in your tent? Obviously, the ones who organizedthis ruse… …are trying to make a fool of me andeveryone here. God willing, after Korkut Bey recovers… …he will surely be able to find themand ask them to pay the price… …for what they have done. When Alps were taking Tugtekin and Gokceto their tents with torches… …you were there as well, weren’t you? So you took the opportunity to takethe bottle in your tent, right?

It is a lie. That is completely a lie. I do not know anything about the bottleor the poison. God will punish those who ambushed me! Do not worry. I will punish you with my own sword. Is there anyone else who has somethingto say? Yes, there is. Go ahead, Gundogdu Bey. That night, when I came to question you… …you said that there was another matterneeded to be solved, is that true? True, my Bey. I said that. What are those matters? Before the court, these mattersshould be investigated. That is why I think that two more peopleshould be questioned as well. Who are these people, Gundogdu Bey? Selcan Hatun… …and Goncagul Hatun. Forgive me, but Korkut Bey is gaspinghis life out. Brother! Father. Father. Brother! No! Please do not do this, brother!Do not leave us! My God, please help us! Father. Father. Father. Father. Father. Father. Father! Father! Father! Tugtekin! Tugtekin, brother! Let go of my hand.

Are you still protecting this woman? I understand. You are in grief. But you should be patient. We need to find out who did this. I will be by your side on finding out thetruth, no matter whoever gets hurt. But you need to be patient. What are you talking about? The woman you protect is a murderer! I am protecting nobody, Tugtekin. But I know that nothing is as it seems. If you act on your anger,we will never find out the truth. -Take this woman already!-No! She will not leave! Enough! Enough! Enough! What do you think you are doing? Tugtekin, take this away! What are you doing while my brother’s body is still there? Take this girl away! Do not do this, my son! Mother! Mother! Mother! Let us take her to the tent, brother. Come, Ertugrul. Come. Come with me. People heard that Korkut Beyis dead, brother. If God permits, we will take this womanto the caged tent. Wait here. Alps, be alarmed. Yes, my Bey. They will take Banu Cicek out. Do not worry, brother.We will shield ourselves. Kill her! Catch her! Kill her!

Murderer! We want justice! We want justice! We want justice!We want the murderer of our Bey! We want her to die! We want her to die! We want her to die! Kill her! We want her head! We want her dead! We want her head! We want her head! Father. My Bey, let me prepare your father’s bodyfor the funeral. Your steadiness at the funeral,will prevent peoples’ anger. Come, my Bey. Come. Son, until the womanwho did this to your father… …chokes on her own blood… …you cannot stop. Tugtekin Bey, after the funeral, your first duty should be setting the court. Right here, right now. Let justice be swift. -Let us go, my Bey.-Come, my Bey. Come. I failed, brother. I could not kill that woman. Our victory day has finally arrived,Aytolun.

First, you should get back on your feet. Excuse us, my Bey. We will takeAytolun Hatun out of here as well. Heal my sister, Artuk Bey. Heal her, just like you healed my leg while it was about to be cut. God willing, my Bey. Do not leave this matterto the court, my Bey. Take my life now.Take it and end my suffering. I will bite the dust anyway. At least you should not be harmed. Be at ease, sister. You can never know who is goingto get the sword of justice. Be patient. Look at you. It is all my fault. Please do not say that. Cicek Hatun, we already what is going on.

I will not let you be the preyon those jackals’ table. Go away! What is going on, Dogan Alp? Are you joining handswith this murderer? When the truth is revealed,you will be sorry for your words, Bogac. Let us pray for you not to be the one whowill feel sorry. He who goes after this woman… …will be known as a murderer too. Dogan Alp! Dogan! I am fine, my Bey. Do not worry about me. Turgut. Take care of Dogan. -As you wish, my Bey.-As you wish, my Bey. Come on, brother. Do you believe that this girlis innocent, brother? I am after the truth, brother. The way I see it, you are after thetruth as well. Otherwise, would you ask forSelcan Hatun and Goncagul Hatun… …to be questioned?

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