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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 63

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL There is a big crisison the Byzantine borderline. Non-Muslim people want to getrid of the rulers that persecute them. They expect a mighty ruler that will bringorder to their fertile lands. The villagers are in a miserable condition. People lost their beliefto people who share their beliefs. Bandits who escape from justicerun wild everywhere. And migrant Turks settled in therestruggle to survive. They cannot help peoplethat are being persecuted… …by Byzantine because they are notable to solve their own matters. Briefly, you are saying thatwhoever rules these lands with justice… …will gain power. Days of depressionstrengthen the brave man’s weapon. Opportunities are crystal clear. But nobody takes a look at them. The ones who look at them become prosperous. But it will be tedious to movemy tribe there. If I move my tribe there… …I will become the biggest enemyof migrant Turks… …the local people and Byzantine. It is right. Wherever livelihood is limitedand people to be fed are plenty… …the battle is tough. Son, it is not only about the Kayi. The people of Anatoliaand the Islamic world… …are fighting each otherinstead of seeing the real enemy. Byzantine is on one side,and the Mongols on the other. And we are dealing with discord. What about traitors? Those dishonorable peoplecan only slow down our struggle. So, who are you, then? We are nobody, son. Only nobody. And we will be nobody forever. What about me? Is being a comrade of nobodynot enough for you? Thank you. Come on, son. Maybe moving your tribethere will take years. But do not give up. When you have Byzantine as your only enemyyou will have plenty of friends. Do not worry about traitors. They will certainly suffer the punishment of Hell and the torment of burning. So, it is for us to be determined,and never give up. If God permits, I will do everythingin order to move my tribe… …to the Byzantine borderline. If God permits, son. He still sees himselfas the commander, right? After all, he is still the commander. To hell with him! Listen to me carefully. I will not only deliver you Noyan. Your rewards are not limited to these. I will also give youthe seal of Oghuz Khan. Take it to Ogeday personally,and obtain whatever position you desire. I will never forget this favor. But there is a cost for every favor. The cost of this one is to tell Ogeday… …that the new sultan will be Sadettin Kopek… …and to support me. You? Sultan? Alright. Alright, Sadettin Kopek. Alright. I gained big power with your help. I will never forget this favor of yours. I will struggle severely for youto be the sultan in these lands. Then, take Noyan… …and give me my imprisoned commanders back. Now Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. It is time to renew your oath you madefor this holy war. This is your sword. Hone your sword after weighing it on the scale of justice with the breath of wisdom. May your sword give hope to the oppressed,and spread fear to the tyrants. This is your flag. I hope 72 nations will find peaceunder the shadow of your flag. May it wave in the sky until the day of judgment. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. This is the Holy Quran. It explains the truth, lightens the darkand secures justice. May it always be your guide. Now, have your say. Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, “be”, and it is. I swear to the Almighty God Who blesses our hearts with faith… …to the sword and the Holy Book… …that the sun will be my flag and the sky my tent as I fight to the death. I will secure justiceand put fear into the hearts of tyrants. If I deviatefrom the cause of this holy war… …or beg the enemy for mercy… …my sword shall thrust through me like the sky and come out red. May God be with you… …on the way of this holy warErtugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. The battle shall be yours,but the victory belongs to God. They must be the oneswho came to take Noyan. And these three brave men… …must be the Seljuk commandersAmeer Sadettin Kopek told us about. But why are they waiting here? Since both sides act cautiously… Obviously, there are wheels within wheels. What shall we do, my Bey? Boru, prepare the prisoners.We are going to bring Noyan back. -We will have the opportunity, Deli Demir.-If God permits, my Bey. If God permits. How could you let him go? How can he chasethe Mongol army and kill Noyan? He did everything to go. God, what have I done? Do I have permission to come in, my Bey? Yes, Goncagul Hatun. Come in. I know that Noyan’s leavingmade you upset. I wanted to come and askhow you are doing. I thought you would be happy. Thank you. Your presence is enough for me. What is that? This arrow is the one my father threw… …into the air to start the preparationsfor the bridal chamber tent. That night, the arrow fell at the spot where… –I got into my mother’s womb.-Really? I brought it to you for good luck. God willing. So, we should find a place for it. What is the matter, Selcan? The meal is ready, my Bey. I am not hungry. Thank you. Selcan. Come here. Sit down. I have matters to talkwith both of you. Do not think that peace will cometo our tribe… …just because two states made peace. Our troubles will not lay to rest. From now on, I do not want any trouble… …neither in mother Hayme’s tentnor in my Hatuns’ tents. I want you to stay out of trouble. Is that clear? Yes, my Bey. Do not worry, my Bey. I hope Selcan Hatun will be a sisterto me as she is to Gokce Hatun. She will, she will. You will, right, Selcan? I will do my best, my Bey. As long as we have our hearts in the right place. With your permission, my Bey. The permission is yours. If you do not leave the Seljuk landsin three days… …you will be deemed as peace breakersand you will be murdered. When I come back, I will completely destroy the Seljuk lands. I would like you to accept me as your sisterwith your pure heart. Do not doubt that, Goncagul Hatun. Being a sister is not a problem. As long as I find a heartinside your chest. Goncagul Hatun. My mother wants to see you. I hope nothing is wrong. I do not know, Goncagul Hatun.You will find out when you go. Maybe she wants to finishher unfinished business. The consignation that was stolen from the tent.Maybe she wants to listen to you. Who knows? Did I say it right? We will see what she will tell. We will see. Where are you going, Selcan? We will see if Banu Cicekinsists on being stubborn. They said you called me, mother Hayme.Here I am. When Sungurtekin was here for dinner… …why did you enter the tent of my son? Why are you asking me this, mother Hayme? I asked you a question.I am waiting for your answer. The person who knows it bestis Gokce Hatun. Ask her if you want. I am asking you, not her.Why did you enter his tent? I understand you very well, mother Hayme. The hand of a traitor isin the honorable tent of the Kayi. It is your duty to find this handand cut it. It is not your place to remind me of my duties. I asked you a question, so answer me. You are very angry because youshowed a weakness in your tent. But you know that I entered itbecause Gokce Hatun wanted it. It was not my own will. Gokce went out to take some fabrics. You were alone inside. What did you do? When I was alone… …I dreamed of the biggest dreamof a young girl, mother. I looked at the fabrics that Gokce Hatunshowed and dreamed about the dress… …that I would wear beforeI marry my man. The dress that I will wear the nightthat I will give myself to your son. I think the person who kidnapped SelcanHatun from this tribe… …could take what he wants from your tent. Sooner or later… …the person who stole that sealfrom my tent will be revealed. Just as they found Selcanand brought her back. Then I will hang that traitorin the middle of the tribe. And believe me, no onewill be able to save him. Spring is coming, Banu Cicek. Winter was fruitful. Praise be. Flowers will bloom on mountains. Do not worry, Hanim. Have a nice day, Hatuns. I hope nothing is wrong. I am going for a visit. And who is that person? An old woman was killed a while ago.Do you remember, Aytolun? I am going to her grave. Who knows who killed that poor woman. Praise be! How loyal you are. May someone be loyal in the tribein which murderers run wild. Right, Aytolun? May it be easy. What is she talking about, Hanim? She is just mad.She is trying to push it to the limit. Never mind. Never mind. We have peace, but now our war begins. Where did this gold come from, brother? Those are the sharpest swords… …that I will use to abolish the obstaclesin front of my margrave one by one. They are from Ameer Sadettin Kopek. You do not need to use this gold as longas there are stupid people like Sungur. What about him? Deli Demir and Sungurtekin have disappeared. Everybody in Hayme’s tentis too sorry to say a word. It is obvious that peace is bothering them. It is not good that bothof them disappeared. Obviously, they went after Noyan. What is it? I hope nothingis wrong, daughter. Mother Hayme… …called me to her tentand interrogated me. Do not worry. I gave her the necessary answer. She is still afterthe case of the lost seal. If she interrogates even Goncagul, then it isobvious that Selcan is involved in this. Do not forget Halime, aunt. She went beyond the limit and interrogated even her own bride. Our job will not be easy at all, brother. Obviously… …we will not be comfortablein this tribe… …unless we bring the Kayis’ tentdown on them. Daughter. You know that Gundogdu is more valuable than this gold for my margrave. I hope he will not tie me down like others. What if he does? If he does, he will get in the gravewith his mother and brothers. My Bey. The bastard is coming. -My Bey.-Our target is Noyan. Our duty is to watch for an opportunity. If it is necessary, we will trace himto hell, Deli Demir. My brave children did not misstheir father, Tangut. All of them are very sad, Noyan. Seeing you like a beaten dogis very hard for them. My sons are blood-thirstyfor their father. What else can a father expect who brought deathbut not a victory to his sons? Ogeday will make you pay for this, Tangut. Feel sorry for yourself, Noyan. The day you die… …will be the festival of all our comrades. These weasels will fighteach other, my Bey. Today, only Tangut’s bloodwill be spilled here. Incautious people who have believed his words,put down your swords. Run like hell. None of you will be harmed. You have my word. We should go, Noyan. Our horses are ready. Kill them all! Do not let them escape! Coward! It is time. Follow me. I will come back to makeyour bloodline extinct, Sungurtekin! Tell Ertugrul to wait for me! I will strike like a thunderbolton your tribe! Noyan! Righteous God! Righteous God! Deli Demir! Deli Demir! Deli Demir! My Bey. Take my daughter’s revenge. Tell Ertugrul Bey, too. I bear witness that there is no deity other than God… …and I bear witness again that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. Deli Demir! What is the matter, my Bey? Why did we stop? You carry on. Alright, my Bey. Peace be upon you, my Bey. I hope nothing is wrong, mother? Why that long face? We should go inside, son.

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