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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 61

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTEDHERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURINGTHE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION Korkut Bey went to Artuk Bey.He is giving blood. Do you have any other commands,Aytolun Hatun? I do not, Banu Cicek. You can leave. People can pay their taxeswith this gold. People who are in troublecan go to the Seljuk lands… …and build a new life there. If God permitsthey will come back to their land. God bless you, my Bey. Thank you, Mahmut Dervish. We will leave early in the morningand return to our tribe. We did very well by coming here. As I said, Ertugrul Bey, the personwho will conquer this land…

…will also conquerthe hearts of the oppressed non–Muslims. He will not only rescue people fromthe Crusaders and non-Muslims… …as long as this valiant Bey comes withhis Alps and enlivens this land. -Amen.-Amen. Amen. Why do you not tell me clearlywhat is going on, Ameer Sadettin Kopek? Do you not trust me? First Sungurtekin, thenthe seal of Oghuz Khan and now Noyan. You got what you want. As I stated in my letterthere is no obstacle left for you to be the margrave. What about Noyan? How does he know everything about us? I removed the Mongol spiesfrom the palace, Gumustekin. The biggest trouble is that bastardNoyan. Do you not know that? He will do anything to usewhat he knows against me when he is free. Noyan will not be freefor himself, Gumustekin. He will be free for the sake of peace. You will do the best you canin the headquarters. Leave the rest to me. Did you bring the seal? How can you be so sure that Noyanwill not cause any trouble for me? We all saw what he did for this seal.

He kidnapped Selcan and was captured.He almost died. Noyan will not be able to causeany trouble for anybody. This gold is for your margrave. If anybody is against your margraveyou will bring them to heel with gold. If anybody is stubborn, then you willbring them to heel with poison and… …if it is not enoughthen you will use your sword. As for the seal,this seal will open so many locks… …and guide us. Now, give me that seal. Now go and do not letthe Beys of the tribe… …break the peace in the headquarters. Do not forget! If there is no state,then there is no margrave either. If you show mercy to your enemyone day he will play with you like a tool. If we release that bastard, you know whatwill happen as much as we do, brother. I met with Ameer Sadettin Kopekin the caravansary today.

Do not expect me to putmy tribe and tent at risk on purpose. Especially for that palace bastardSadettin Kopek. Mother… Our state wanted peace… …and Ameer Sadettin Kopek came to thetribe to do what is necessary. The command of the statewill be executed. No one can stop it now. When it comes to that bastard Noyan,our state will not give rein to him. You can trust my words. He will get what he deserveswhen the time comes. Trader Abdullah is hereand he wants to see you. Send him in. You wanted to see me,Ameer Sadettin Kopek? Something happens to you soldierswhen the war ends. You become like a fish out of water. Do you not know thatthere is no peace for a Mongol? How should I not know that? That is why I wanted to see you. What do you want? I will take Noyan from the Kayis. You would be more pleasedif I did not, did you? -What did you say?-Put that dagger back. Do not play the loyal soldier to me.

We know very well that Noyanis a trouble maker and needs to be killed. Do not play with me. It will end badly. Do you know what I seewhen I look at you? A loyal soldier of Ogeday. Not a swagand an undisciplined man like Noyan. Although he knew that peace wasvery close… …he put himself in so much trouble. He went thereand gave his head to Gundogdu. If there was nota peace contract in question… …I would have beenhappier than you for his execution. Unfortunately, I have to take him fromthe Kayis because of peace. But I would like to work with you… …instead of himwhile a new system is being established. We will both make a profitfor the war tax paid to Ogeday. If Noyan lives, we both lose. What do you want from me? Kill Noyanand replace him as the commander. It will be a good negotiation. Kind of. There is no negotiation.

Kill Noyan and replace himas the commander. It is that easy. Why would Ogedaymake me the commander? I like smart men. Clearly, our partnership will be good. You did not answer my question. Because I have what Ogeday wants. If I give it to you,you will become the commander. What is that? The seal of Oghuz Khan. Do you have the sealwhich is the death warrant of Noyan? What do you want in return? If you accept my conditionsI will give the seal to you but only… …if you accept my conditions. What are your conditions? How is that even possible, Artuk Bey? He is talking about releasing that bastardwho harmed his mother, sister… …wife and brother. Why is Sungurtekin Bey doing that? The mind of people and the mind ofthe state do not work the same way. Deli Demir! I have no more words to say. And I have no feelings for you anymore. Forgive me, my Bey.

If God permits, other Beys will not listento you in the headquarters meeting… …and Gundogdu Bey willtake that bastard Noyan’s head. He still suffers because of his daughter. I know thatand it upsets me a lot, Artuk Bey. Sometimes the price of truth isheavier than the price of wrong, my Bey. He willstand behind his words, though. Thank you. I talked to Ameer Sadettin Kopek today. There is no solution other than peace. And we have to release Noyan for that. What about Noyan? You know that Noyan will not stop. Of course, I know. That is why Ertugrul and I haveto take precautions. I will do all I can, my Bey. May God accept it, my daughter. Amen. Thank you, mother. I spent a lifetime waiting. I waited for Suleyman Shah’s return… …from so many wars and my sonsto get out of so many troubles. Waiting… You have said thatthe fate of the woman of the Kayi is this.

And I came lovingly to this tent as a bride. May God speed Ertugrul Bey. As long as I see that he returns tohis child and tribe. I will experience the grief of waitingand the beauty of reuniting… …with you until I die, mother. My beautiful daughter. Suleyman Shah told mewhen I saw him in my dream. Hayme, we will all die one day. But people living in this tentwill have more than that. -Ertugrul!-Father! -Ertugrul!-Father! Father! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Father! Ertugrul! Father! Come on, sit next to me. You went to various places,from the Caspian Sea… …to Ahlat, from Ahlat to Aleppo… …from Aleppo to Erzurum. In these places you went, you becamethe honor of the Kayi tribe… …the pride of our tribe,and the flag of Islam. I just followed your way father,and I will do the same hereafter. The roads to the Kayi tribe, you… …and Oghuz was on exileshowed its light to you son.

Be a follower of that light. Thus you can be a new hope… …and you can open the doors ofa new world state for your descendants. The ones with you… …and the ones who will follow youwill be happy with the honor of this. From the North to the South. From the East to the West. A big oak tree with branches… …will grow in these lands. Your son, Osman. He will change our fate. He will put down the roots of the Oghuz in these lands. May your generation followGod’s order, and make holy war. Do not forget, son. A child is the essence of a father. May God be his helper, son. Father! Father! Osman. Osman. How could you fall into carelessness… …and bring together the headquartersfor that bastard Mongol? Is this fair? Everybody wants justice, son. But it is not wise to act with anger. You need to think.

We broughtthe headquarters together for this. The headquarters? The headquarters! You will hand that cruel man who killedso many people out with your own hands. Sadettin Kopek will bridle you andmake you do what he wants. But I will not share your sin, father. I do not care abouteither the headquarters or your verdict. Ameer Sadettin Kopek… …wants to be our guestand see what our Beys think. May I have your permission? -He is welcome.-He is welcome. He is welcome. He is welcome. He can come andsee our pain and anger with his own eyes. He is welcome. He can come and see. He still did not understand our pain. -Peace be upon you.-And peace be upon you. May God help us give the right verdict. -Amen.-Amen. Thank you. Go ahead! In the name of God, the Compassionate,

the Merciful. In the ninety-nine names of the Most Forgiving One… …I start the headquarters. The furious boy got emotional again. He is climbing the walls. He is overwhelmed with the sorrow and grief that I have caused. It is not possibleto forgive a murderer like Noyan! -Yes, we will not forgive him!-Yes! -We will not forgive him.-We will not accept this. It means to objectour tradition and our religion. -You are right.-He is right. It is unacceptable to bringthe headquarters together for this. We elected you as the Beyso you can administer justice. Not to release murderersby twisting justice. My Beys! First, they took my two sonsand then my daughter from me. Do you want me to forgive this cruelmurderer before my gravid daughter…

…and my unborn grandchild’s bodymixes with the soil? No. Neither will I forgive himnor leave him alive. -You are right.-He is right. Are you not ashamed?We had so many martyrs. -He is right.-You are right. Shame on you! -Our martyrs’ blood is shed for a reason!-Shame on you! God Almighty ordered in the Qur’an: “O believers! Enter into Islam wholeheartedly… …and do not follow Satan’s footsteps.” Artuk Bey is right. Peace is the path our state follows. The path of the Mongolsis the path of the devil. If we take that path,there will be no return from that. It is obvious thatthe devil makes you talk. He makes you talkand you do not hear what you are saying. Deli Demir! Nobody wants Noyanto leave here freely. This is not the matter. My Beys! I did not tell you the truthwhen I came back to the tent. It is not true thatI was captured by the Mongols… …and took care of the horses of theOgeday family. I succeeded and become the best man ofOgeday due to my friendship with Noyan.

As a spy of our sultanI lived among these devils for years. None of you can know Noyan,Genghis Khan and his sons better than me. All of your words are true. Not only to kill Noyan but killing them all is halal to us like our mother’s milk. But it is not about getting whatwe deserve. It is about surviving… …and protecting the unity and solidarity of our state. Did you think thatyou could get away with attacking… …my tribe and takingso many lives? Tell me, Noyan. Go to the ends of the earth, furious boy. Do that so you can sleepin your bed comfortably. Hit me, come on. Hit me so you can get rid of the wormsthat nibble you. Bring me to account for your bodythat I knifed like a goat. Right? If our state wants peaceand it convinced our enemy to it… …it is for us andour state to live forever.

That is why we have to follow… …our state’s commandwithout being overwhelmed by our anger. It is our duty to side with our statein peace, just like we did in the war. I believe it is timeto ask for the Beys’ opinions… …to solve this problem. On this bridge that is thinner than a strand of hair and as sharp as the sharpest knife or sword… …we will raise hands for ourdesperation, though. For the peace of ourcaptured commanders… …those who acceptthe release of Noyan… …raise your hands. I see thatour Beys want the execution of Noyan. We will either be victorious or perish. I wish my arm was broken andI could not raise it. Evil is already here to see us perish. From now on, nobody should ask for my presence in this headquarters.

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