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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 59

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTEDHERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURINGTHE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION How could Banu Cicek know everything wetalked about Ertugrul, Selcan? Obviously, she knows something. She knows but remains silent. Maybe she knows even more than we do,Halime. But I know my necklace is in that tent. Aytolun is hiding it. She knows perfectly that no one couldever get in there… …while there are guardswatching the tent. I wish I could find my necklace. Then theywould see what I am capable of! I do not know what you will dowhen you find your necklace, Selcan. But I know what I will do. I will enter the tentwhile Noyan is being executed. We will see whether or not your necklace is there. If you allow us, we would like to come with youand see the conditions of people. Of course, Bey, you would honor us. Thank you. Tell me Edebali,have you read all these books? I have, my Bey. Good for you. Well done. Well done. Sir Valentin? -I have good news.-Are they coming? Everything turned out to be as you wanted. That fool bought it.

Those Turks will come with him. Well done. Now go and do not play intotheir hands. If you make a mistake,you will pay for it with your life. -What did you tell her?-I did not say anything! What is this? I did not say anything! We should go. You do not look good, my Bey. Do not worry, I can walk. I want to see that mutt called Noyan dead. -Tangut, there is a letter for you.-Give it to me. Leave. Your life is in my hands, Noyan. But I will not bat an eyelash. You will pay for all the crueltyyou have treated me with. You will also burn away like this letter. Tangut! Tangut! Tangut! You traitor! So, you want to kill Noyan! I swear, Noyan will gouge your eyes out,rip off your heart and eat it! What is happening, Tugtekin? I was told that you would perform the executionin front of the Kayi tent. Yes. We attacked the den of that muttcalled Noyan all together. May God bless you. But, you as you may know… …Noyan attacked our migration caravan. He tortured both my mother and herchildren. It is her right…

…to spill his blood. I will see that his head is hung high up in the gallows. But cousin, this pride isneither yours nor mine. This honor belongs to the fatherof all of us, Oghuz Khan. Excuse us. Time is up, Noyan. You still think that I will die,you smart boy? You will go down on your knees and beg mewhen we flood into your land. But the Mongols will attack you in sucha wild way that you will not… …be able to breathe. You will not even have the chance to beg. Untie him and follow me. Byzantine community is tired, my Bey. They are pleasure-loving people. Neither men nor womenare the same anymore. They are about to lose their homes andsociety in the cause of pleasure. So they are on the verge of demise. You can train an unarmed man… …but a woman who has lost her womanhood…

…is like a knife stabbed in the heart of a nation. If a nation lost its abilityof being a family… …it means that it has lost everything. You are right, my Bey. However, they are wise, especiallyon fine arts. There are many masters workingin their cities. This is our greatest weakness. Our traders and professional expertsare very weak. We should learn some of the craftsmanships from the non-muslim community at once. When those cruel Mongols destroyed ourcities, many of our masters passed away. They destroyed our past, my Bey. The cruelty and tricks of the enemynever end. What matters is what we can, and we can’t. We need to teach our children some craftmanship. You are right, my Bey. Should we catch our breath here? Dogan, Bamsi, you pry around. -As you command, my Bey.-As you command, my Bey. They will pay for our children’s lives! Justice will prevail! This man will have his punishment! Kill him! Murderer! Kill him! Murderer! Murderer! Kill him! Kill him! Murderer! I wish Ertugrul was here and…

…witnessed this blessed moment. Beys! Brothers! Sisters! Thank God, the head of this traitorNoyan… …who martyred many of our brothers… …is at your feet! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! My Bey, if you allow me, I would like to take someto Dogan and Bamsi. This will be probably not enough for Bamsi. Then he will learn to be patient. Enjoy. Now… …who commands this region? Which feudal landlords own it? And where are we exactly? We are close to Verakoma. Prusa is here. And Constantinople is here. Center of the Byzantine Empire. The Emperor lives there. Nikea; a holy city for Christians. The Bible has taken its final version upon the council that gathered in this city. Actually, the real Byzantium is there. What does that mean? The Crusaders remained in Constantinople… …instead of going to Jerusalemon their last journey. They invaded Constantinople.They vandalized the city. They slew their own co-religionists.

Their own co-religionists? Yes. The ones witnessed the savagery saythat… …Constantinople had gone through the greatest savagery of its history. The Empire in Nikea was founded by theEmperor who escaped from Byzantium. Now Vatakis rules there. They are at daggers drawnwith the emperor in Constantinople. In the past, the namesake of my fatherSuleyman Shah, from the shahzadas… …of the Seljuks, conquered this city. It is our first capital in Anatolia. Meaning, we are heirs to our forefathers. If God permits, people from your generation… …will make Muslims rulethese lands again. If God permits. If God permits. If God permits. I see that it is easy to conquerthese lands with weapons. But we need to makethese regions prosperous. We need to help the locals reach prosperity… …and find solutions to their problems.

We need to provide justice inthese lands again. We need to keep the nation alive to keep our state alive. Do we have the chance of entering thesecities you have mentioned? It is too early. You would be recognized. They must be looking for youeverywhere anyway. The next time you come,we will try to enter the city. Next time, we will come to conquerthese cities, Turgut. If God permits, my Bey, if God permits. If God permits. Halime, let me go. If you get caught, everythingwill be ruined, Selcan. You cannot look at Gundogdu Bey’s faceagain. You would lose, and Aytolun would win. I will enter the tent, do not insist. God bless you. Aytolun Hatun wanted to see me. They brought Noyan! They brought Noyan! They brought Noyan! They brought Noyan! My Bey, are you alright? I have no strength left, Aytolun. I told you not to come. You are not feeling well. You should go. Go and represent our tentwhile that dishonest is being executed. I will rest a while, go along. Kaya! Help me, son. Dear God, please preserve my mind. Why is he coming back? In the middle of winterthese regions are too hot, my Bey.

I miss that unique weather ofPasinler Plateau. -Bears do not like hot weather, my Bey.-May your bones feel that cold! Come, I have things to tell you. These regions are exactly like the landswe have been looking for. Byzantium lost its power. If we succeed to move our tribeto these lands… …we will be able to find the homelandwe have been dreaming of. We will have childrenand keep our nation grow. Our sons and daughters will be happy. What if Beys in the tribewould not want to come here, my Bey? We will try to persuade them. What if they still do not come, my Bey? Then we will come, Dogan. We will come, my Bey, we will. We would go everywhere with you, my Bey.We would even die for you, my Bey! But, my Bey, the next time we come here,can we change the name of this region? I am not able to pronounce it, my Bey. I thought he would saysomething meaningful. Sure, we can change the name, Bamsi. Do you have any ideas? For example, my Bey,this region Bega, Belagun…

Whatever it is. Just tell us how you want to name it. Bel, bel… Bel, bel… Bilecuk. Bilecuk! Bilecuk, my Bey!Can we not use Bilecuk? Bilecuk! Sure, Bamsi. Can we say Bilecik instead of Bilecuk? Sure, my Bey. Sure, my Bey, why not? Bilecuk! Bilecuk! We will come and conquer you! Bilecuk! Shut up! Shut up you bear! Kill him! Kill him! Give his punishment! I wanted you to witness this moment! Witness that this Mongol curis as mortal as we are! Witness that this fear of the Mongolsin the hearts of all our brothers… …from east to west will end now! What shall I do? Halime. Daughter… …what are you doing here? May God be with you. I am Dervish Mahmut. They came here to listen to the thingsyou have told me. Help yourselves, sit, please. Thou, sons of Prophet Adam. I am inviting you to the truth that no one can claim any superiority over the other. A religion that keeps justice andbrotherhood above everything else. How can a human be at the same level with another?How will I be equal with a noble one? If God, that created manfrom a blood clot… …classified people…

…is that not injustice? If so, since the time we were bornwe would be hard done by. He is the Bestower of Mercy. He is the All- and Oft-Forgiving. He shows mercy. He is the Utterly Just. Which means He is the Judge, the Giver of Justice How can the creatorof justice do injustice… …to people he created, and oppress them? If God does not oppress His subjects… …why do you oppress uswith your infidelity? You are the traitor that killed my men. And you are the commander ofthose cruel ones. When it is time to battle… …may our holy war be blessed, and may God be with us… …with the army of Sultan Aladdin. God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! God is the Greatest! Dear Ameer… …Sadettin Kopek. Kill this Turk! Were you saying something, commander? If you take one more step, I will killthe girl. Take me instead! My daughter!Please, let my daughter go! Leave your sword. I said throw it! Now we will leave with the girl. You should know that the girl will dieif you come after us.

Let her go and take me instead! My daughter! Let my daughter go, I am begging you! Take me instead! Move! Do not come, or she will die! Take me! My daughter! The letter says that they madepeace, and you hid it from us. This is an opportunity to save Noyan. If they do not give him even in the nameof peace, go and battle with them. Save Noyan from those Turks, Tangut! Ertugrul was brave enough to saveAbdurrahman. Noyan will die. He will pay the price for his foolishness! You better accept it. Noyan is dead! You are not following the pathof the holy spirits, Tangut. The path you took has already rousedthe spirits of the underground. First, the voice of death will come. Then death itself. Enough. Enough, shut up! Listen to me carefully. In China, I went to war with Genghis Khanagainst Ziya Dynasty. Genghis Khan was sick. He was about to die. He hid his sickness from everyone. He risked himself to death for victory. And he died. What falls to our share, is an honorabledeath just like Genghis Khan himself.

Noyan will also die. He will die honorably. He will pay the price for his mistake. The valiant Alps of the Kayi and Dodurga. Their virtuous people! Peace be with you! -And peace be with you!-And peace be with you. Dear Ameer, Sadettin Kopek,you honored our tribe. We made Noyan; the archenemy of ourSultan and our state… …go down on his knees in front of us. You honored us while we were about to makethis blood shedder murderer pay for… …what he has done. Welcome. Thank you, Hayme Hatun. It is a great honor to be here,and appear before you. When I heard that you capturedthis dishonest man… …I praised God. This struggle you are going throughbetween these vast mountains…

…is worthy of admiration. I want to present my gratitudeto all those valiant men who captured him. In the name of our Sultan AladdinKeykubat, I order you to… …stop the execution. We want Noyan’s head! We want Noyan’s head!-We want his head! -Kill him!-Nobody can take him from us! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! -We want justice!-Kill him! We want justice! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! We have declared peace with… …Ulu Khan Ogeday. This bloody war we foughtfor years is finally over. From now on, no more Seljukand Mongol blood will be spilled! His Highness, Ameer! If you would allow me,

I have a question. What is the cost of this peace? I know very well how you defeated the vanguardsof this dishonest man… …with your brother, Ertugrul. I have endless respect for your bravery. You asked me about the cost! The cost of this peace… …was paid with the blood of our martyrs. Prisoners of both sides will be replacedand peace will be provided. Noyan is also among the prisoners… …who are going to be replaced. We want his head! We want Noyan’s head! Kill him! Kill him!

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