Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 69 130

Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 55

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTEDHERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURINGTHE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION Brother. It is her and your feelings for her, right? Listen Bamsi, if you say one more word… What are you going to do, brother,are you going to kick me? Brother, you can kick me and it would not bother me. If you think that will relieve you, brother, go on. Dogan, sit down. I said, sit! Come. Sit. It is like you do not have a care in this world. Yes, brother.It is like you have thrown in the towel. Bamsi! If I talk again, I shall be a Mongol cur. Is it about Banu Cicek? -Is it a secret?-Yes, it is. Alright, then. Keep your secret to yourself. But, talk with us, please. Look, brother, we have a long way ahead. But with your condition,this road will never end. I am sorry, brothers. Tell us, what happened? Banu Cicek has been saying it constantly. Fate destined both tribes. This means it destined me with Banu Cicek. But now…

What happened? Tell us. When I went to see her… …while I was expectinga nice conversation… Did Selcan Hatun send you here? …my throat felt cold ofher dagger, brothers. Each path I take, each destination I arriveopen new doors for me. Each opened door invites meto new adventures. Wild horses riding in my soul,big fires burning my heart… …tell me what my eyes will see at the end of this battle? When will I be relieved of this pain? Ibn Arabi, the wise men,Kirmani and Ahi Evran. Why does the path of those servants cross with this poor soul? There must be a reason for sure. Dear God, do not leave me to myself. Cross my path with your good servants. Have mercy on me. There is no one left in this tentthat he has not intended to kill.

My sons, daughter, myself. We will not let that happen, as Gundogdu did. Together we will stop that dishonest cur’s clock! While the tribe and your father’stent… …are under such a threat… …you still want to go, Sungurtekin? Mother, I want to… If you go before Noyan’s severed headis on the spike… …I will not give you my blessing! From now on… …everyone in this tent… …people of this tribe will dedicate… …their lives for the war against Noyan! Noyan will die! Know it very well… …until he is dead… …we will not find peace. Mother Hayme, people of the Dodurgaand Tugtekin will do anything they can… …to save my sister. God willing, you are right, Gokce. What are you trying to say? God forbid, if somethinghappens to Selcan

… …I know so many peoplethat would be happy for it. Especially in Korkut Bey’s tent. Enough! What kind of incitement is this! How can you say that on a day like this? Mother! Bring your bride into line. Do it, or I will cause an accident. Enough, shut up now, both of you! Shut up! Sungurtekin is obviously hidingwhat Noyan wants. Even if Sungurtekin gives Noyanwhat he wants… …after Noyan gets what he wants… …he will not let Selcan Hatunand Gundogdu Bey alive. We cannot let Gundogdu Beyto be ambushed. He should not risk his lifefor Selcan Hatun. He will go. I know Gundogdu, and I know that he will go. We need to stop him.

If he decides and does it… …he will seek help from you. Do not destroy your and Goncagul’s homebefore you have it, son. Do not sacrifice yourselffor this ignoble woman. Make him change his decision tomorrow. Noyan will want to have his reputationback that he lost with our attack. This is the reason why he fished Selcan. Do not fall into the trap like good-heartedGundogdu Bey did, Tugtekin. I do not want to losemy son Gundogdu and you. This woman was the biggest obstacleto your home, son. Do not go.Let him drown in his own dirt. Why is Gundogdu not here yet? Hatuns, leave us alone. I will speak with Sungurtekin and my mother. Give me the consignation that Noyan wants, Sungur. I will bring back both your consignationand your sister Selcan. I cannot do it, brother. What does it mean, son? Is this consignation more valuablethan your sister…

…is this the reason you say it? I cannot do it, mother. That is all. My brother can order me to fight,and I would do that for my sister… …I would sacrifice my life for her. But do not ask me to give what I have. Since you do not want to give the consignation… …is that because you are the spy of Sultan Aladdin, brother? What are you saying, Gundogdu? Is it true, Sungurtekin? I can tell it from his eyes, mother. So, this is a matter of state,a state secret. Grooming Genghis Khan’s horseswere also not true, right? What does Ertugrul have to do with that? Know that both Ertugrul and I… …will not leave the Oghuz tribeto those Mongol curs and the evil Crusaders! There is nothing beyond it! Even if you give me thatconsignation or not… …I will go and save Selcan, Sungur. Brother, let me come with you. Give that consignation to your brother.

I cannot sacrifice my daughter to Noyan. Mother. Suleyman Shah… …never left anyone for deadwhile he was ruling this tent. I will do the same.Know this, son. Sungur, I swear, I will bring your consignation… …and your sister back. Come on. It is stolen, brother. What are you saying, Sungur? When I was wounded, Ertugrul took itfrom the hands of Noyan. Brought it to me. The seal was inside the carpetbag.I hid the carpetbag under my pillow. What is all this, mother? Who can infiltrate the tent of a Beyand steal a state secret? Moreover, who knows the secret of this seal? Someone connected with Noyan. So, it seems we are still not done with all the traitors in the tribe, mother. They even have access to our tent. If I find the one who did this,I will kill him with my own hands. I will make an example of him, and his rotten body will be hung for months! The only thing I know is that I will meet Noyan…

…take Selcan and kill him. You cannot meet him without the seal, brother. Sungur, for God’s sake, brother,tell me what this seal is about? -Peace be with you.-And peace be with you, my Bey. -Welcome, my Bey.-Thanks. -Is he still unconscious?-Yes, my Bey. But he will recover if God permits. If God permits. We need your advice on something, my Bey. Yes, my Bey. We need a seal, can you do it? The seal of Oghuz Khan. I can do it, but first,I need to see it, my Bey. I cannot do anything without seeing it. Artuk Bey, the seal is missing. I can draw the seal. Great, my Bey.Please sit and draw the seal. -Welcome, Gokce.-Thank you, my Bey. I could not sleep since last night. If something happens to my sistermy life will fall apart. At the end of the day, she is my sister. Tugtekin. I am begging you, help him save my sister. Do not leave my brother Gundogdu alone. I am begging you. We should hope for the best, Gokce. We should hope for the best. With God’s help, I can prepare itfor tomorrow, my Bey. -If God permits.-If God permits. Which one of you cooked this? I cooked it, my Sheikh. You have the potential of Ahi-order, son. Not everyone can make doughnuts. May God bless you.

I am good at eating, my Bey. Do I have the potential of Ahi-order? Bread is the staff of life, son.To be strong, one should be good at eating, too. Our horses are ready, my Sheik. We can set off anytime you wish. Have a blessed trip, brothers. -Have a blessed trip.-Have a blessed trip. Come on. We need to set off. Come on. Do not forget to pray for us. You have received Ibn Arabi’s blessing, son. All we can do is say amen. In the region you go to,there is Mahmut Dervish. Your paths will cross with him.He is a dervish with knowledge. Share his food. You have a long way to go,be always prepared. -Thank you.-Thank you. Hayme. As you also know,Noyan will not let them live. When we assigned Gundogdu Beyas the head of the Alps, we trusted him. Now, it is time to show it. Mother Hayme. Without me, you cannot fight a battleor make a decision, Beys. Whatever your plan is, I am ready to roll up my sleeves. Welcome, master. Hayme Hatun, we know that Selcan islike your daughter, as Gokce Hatun. Despite their father’s betrayal… …you have raised two sisters…

…two innocent souls with mercy. But the matter is not about being a mother. If something happens to ourhead of the Alps Gundogdu Bey… …both tribes will be shaken up. Why are we here for, Gumustekin Bey? Are you planning to leave him alone? Of course, we will not. But I say, we should send some other Alpsinstead of Gundogdu Bey. They should go with whateverNoyan wants from Sungurtekin. Why does Noyan want especially Gundogdu Bey? Obviously, he is into something. I will go and free Selcan Hatunfrom Noyan. I am not going toleave my wife to a man… …that is out of control and commands his men… …to attack our tribe andmartyr our girls and women. Of course, he will pay for it. Obviously, you took the consignationthat Noyan wants from Sungurtekin. Here is my question. Is he going to give you Selcan Hatun… …when you give himwhat he wants, Gundogdu? I do not know if he does itwith his own free will or not. But if he does not, I will rip it off with my teeth if necessary. Now, who is with me? You should not leave. Noyan is too weak.While we have weakened him…

…we should send our other Alps. What do you think, son? Who else is with me? We will go and bring Selcan Hatun back,brother Gundogdu. Are you ready, Hatun? Yes, Hamza. You have proven that you are a loyaland valiant warrior once again. There were times,I have doubted you. But you surprised me.You did not stab me in the mack. I was always with you, Noyan. But your suspicion does not hurt me. I could be like Abdurrahman. I am asking you for another favor, Hamza. Even kids know that Gundogduwill not come alone. We should be prepared. What are you thinking? Take the soldiers with you and position themwithin Hell Valley. When Gundogdu comes, wait for my signal. Kill whoever is with him. Do not worry, Noyan. Do not worry. -Did you manage to finish it,

Artuk Bey?-Yes, I did, my Bey. -What do you think?-Praise be. It looks the same. -Thank you, my Bey.-Thank you, my Bey. I hope it will be helpful. Bring Selcan Hatun back with no harm. If God permits. With the name of God. In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Your official Artuk sends his greetings to the wise men… …that form and destroy states. The seal of Oghuz Khan came to the tribewith Sungurtekin. But it was lost in the tribe. They will go to take Selcan Hatunwith Tugtekin. What are you saying, brother?We talked about it last night. That fool Tugtekin still wants to be a hero. Things we have talked passed over his head. He just could not say no to Gundogdu. What is going to happen now? We have the seal Noyan wants.Is he that willing to die? Maybe the death of Gundogdu and Tugtekinwould suit our purpose. They are so arrogant and foolish that they close their ears to our words. If they die… …we will have only Ertugrul and Korkut. Maybe this will be better. If Noyan is after that seal… …it means that Sadettin Kopekwill be in my pockets. The Alps are ready, my Bey. They are waiting for youat the entrance of the tribe. We will go from the stream bed so that they will not notice our departure. Yes, my Bey. May God give you strength, my Bey. May Hizir be with you.

You made me so happy bygoing to battle for my sister. May God keep you blessed in both worlds. Thank you, Gokce. Thank you. Go and bring your wife, son. Master Demir, stay here with my mother. My Bey, how can I leave you alone? My mother needs you more thanwe do, master. Alright, my Bey. Alright. As you ordered,we will be waiting by the bed stream, my Bey. Set off. I will catch up with you later. I cannot ask you to stay, my Bey, I know. But do not go. I cannot ask you to be a coward. But be brave and do not go, my Bey. If something happens to you,I cannot bear the pain. Goncagul Hatun, the breath of Azraelis always with us. Either today or tomorrow. May God speed you, my Bey. Thank you. Gumustekin, Aytolun, Goncagul. They all want to unite anddrag us into a disaster. The main purpose of this gorgon Goncagulis not Gundogdu Bey, Halime. They all want only one thing. They want the consignation of Suleyman Shah. First, they want to take control of the Dodurga tent and then Kayi tent. Come, Banu Cicek.

I broke Selcan Hatun’s heart. What will I do if somethinghappens to her? Do not worry. Gundogdu Bey will bring Selcan Hatunback to the tribe with no harm. -You think so, Halime Hatun?-Of course. Be at ease. You did not do anything wrong. If you think you wronged her,you can repair the mistake. Look, Banu Cicek. Go to the tent and find the necklace. Once you find it, all troubles will be over. The first day of our journey wasvery plenteous, Alps. Under every stone on this moorland, we can find one of us, my Bey. Let us see when our next trouble will surprise us again. They should not forget that we are ready anytime, brother. My Bey, have you put rocks inside this carpetbag? He had lost his mind because of love…

…now he lost his strength and mind too. My Bey! What happened, brother? -My Bey.-What is happening, Dogan? So Sheykh Kirmani meant thisby saying, “be provident”. If they enter our tentand get what they want… …it is our duty to find them. If not, we all will perish. Mother, if the tribe people hear about this,it will be even worse. We should evaluate those we suspect… …without being noticed. What are you saying, daughter?Do you know something? Whoever did it… …it is someone who can enter and leave our tent without hesitation. I am talking about Gokce, mother. I know you raised her. But Gokce is bandying about things spoken in this tent. She is responsible for whathappened to Ertugrul Bey. Besides, she is not alone, mother. What are you saying?

Gokce is not aware that she is beinga part of Goncagul and Aytolun’s tricks. Halime, what is it that you knowbut not telling me? Tell me! Goncagul will become Gundogdu Bey’s wife, mother. I respect that. But things I have seen and heardkeep me away from being silent. The night we had dinner together in the tent… …I saw Goncagul and Gokce, enter Sungurtekin Bey’s tent.

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