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Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 54

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTEDHERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURINGTHE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION Since you attack an injured man like a dog,he must have scared you a lot. -What is your problem?-This is not your business, Turkmen. Kill him! Tell me, brother,what do they want from you? Do you not still trust us? Help me. They will kill them all. My sheik, dervishes,they will murder them all. -For God’s sake, please help.-Who are they? Why will they kill? Tell me who you are? They call me Ahi Evran. I am a professional expert. We were traveling with my Sheikh Kirmani. I remained behind to delivera consignation to somebody. My Sheik is on the road.

These cruel people will kill him, too. Who are they? They are cruel people,and that should be enough for you. For God’s sake! My Sheikis in a shelter ahead. We should catch up with him, brothers. Come on, Alps! To the horses! They say Sadettin Kopekput someone on our tail. The enemy never stops cheating,but we never abandon the truth. Instead of talking about the tricks of the enemy, we should talk about the truth, sons. Now, we should get organized in each city in no time. If we cannot strengthen the science and economy in this state… …we cannot make this place our home. We need men from all professions. Each product we producewill have our stamp. Each product is the honor of its maker. So, we need to raise a group of tradesmenthat do not use fraud or trickery.

This is the only way we canblow the cobwebs away. We will work hard and earn a lot,but we will only use it for a good cause. Do not forget sons, we will begivers, not takers. Please. Enjoy. Nobody is here. Be careful. This way. From now on, your tongue and bodywill be useless. Only your eyes will be fine,to witness our victory. My Sheikh! Take care of the wounded ones! My Sheikh! Thanks to God. Not time for me to draw my last breath, I think. Who are these valiant men that we owe our lives? I am from the Kayi tribe, Ertugrul,son of Suleyman Shah. -Who are you?-I am Kirmani, from the Kayseri region. Tell me. -Who is this?-Selcan, Gundogdu’s wife. Are you trying to sell me the womanthat Gundogdu abandoned? Gundogdu will not abandon her, Noyan. If Gundogdu does not come for her,I will feed you to my dogs. I hope your cave will collapse on you.

Are you Noyan, that Mongol cur? This is not the Kayi tribe that you rule. Take this evil woman away! Let go of me! Let go of me! You dishonest bandits! You were asking about Hamza, Noyan.Look, I brought him too. Come here, my loyal Alp. Hamza, you Turks are so foolish. Anyone can escape from your tribe. First Abdurrahman, now you. Who will be the next one, we will see. Do you know why I fight for you, Tangut? Then escaping was not hardfor you at all, Hamza. Tell me, Hamza. I wonder how you escaped. I sold out Afrasiyab. I told Gundogdu that Afrasiyab is a traitor. I said I feel guilty and I am ashamed of the troubles I have caused for my tribe. I asked him to give me one last chance to bring your head to him. Gundogdu believed me like a fool. Now he is waiting for your head with bated breath. Well done, Hamza. You have proven your intelligence. Well done. Look at that woman. She is worst than any other enemy. Even the devil would fear her. I also have a gift for you, Noyan. I am all ears. He is Gundogdu’s cur. He told him to trace Afrasiyab. So that smart boy Gundogdu did not trust you and told him to trace Afrasiyab. Dervish, give this to Eygisiand tell her to pick up fresh ones. -Of course, Artuk Bey.-Thank you. -Welcome, my Bey.-Thank you, Artuk Bey. How is your health? God willing, you are fine. I am fine, Artuk Bey.Thanks to you, I got over it. -You saved my life.-Do not ever mention it, my Bey. We have not done anything.

It is God Who gives health,we just contribute to the result. So you are destined to see more days, my Bey. Thank you, Artuk Bey. Ertugrul told me about youbefore he left. He said that you knew everything.He told me that I could trust you. Thank you, my Bey. We lost enough time. I want to set off and accomplish my task. I have informed the wise menabout the conditions, my Bey. Once you get better, we can set off. They are waiting for you withthe seal of Oghuz Khan. -Then, we shall set off tomorrow.-As you wish, my Bey. Gundogdu’s cur! You are a lucky man! I would rip your head off but you are a lucky man. What are you thinking, Noyan? So Gundogdu declared war against us,we will respond to him! Now, listen to me carefully! Listen, so that you can go andtell Gundogdu what I said! Oh, Selcan Hatun, oh! Where are you again? Who were those that ambushed you? While one is on the right paththere are many devils after him, son. Just a devil who tried to trip us. As if my old age would scare me from death. Why did they want to kill you? Because, son, by killing us…

…they want to destroy the Turkish-Islamicguild we formed in Anatolia. I have never heard ofthis organization before. What is your duty? Our purpose is to raise good tradesmen… …that will bring honest earningsto these lands. I have completed my duty. I have beenliving in Kayseri for years. Now, I am going back to Baghdad,the place I was born. I have designated my groom, Ahi Evranas the head of this organization. From now on, it will be calledafter his name. What exactly is your purpose? Son, if you do not enrich the lands you have conquered by the Holy War… …with honorable and faithful traders… …the Turkish-Islamic guild would remain incomplete. Unfortunately, while we were kept awayfrom trade and occupational activities… …those tyrants who took control of itgained good profits. They want to control people with moneywhich they cannot beat with a sword. How can one be beaten with moneyif they cannot be beaten by a sword, my Bey? My dear young sons. They are very good at thisand you cannot even notice it. If a nation cannot raise its own tradersand masters, they will always be left destitute.

So, sons of this nation will work hard,earn a lot and compete with each other. But my Sheikh, why would onefight for money? Eventually, it is the mortal world. My dear son, is it not that ideathat has left us destitute? We will not live forever, but that does not mean that we should be lazy and not trade. Never! First of all, our Prophet,our guide, was he not a tradesman? He was involved in trade since his childhood years. He worked for his honest earningsin many caravans. We will earn, yes, but we will not be slaves to what we earn! We will spend it helping out the poor and others that are in a state of need. Well said. You have enlightened us. We travel everywhere…

…but we have not given a lot of weight to trade or raising masters… …as much as we have in wars. I will never forget your words. One day if I have a Beydom… …I will raise many masters and traders. Thank you, valiant man. I owe you my life. From now on,first my groom Ahi Evran… …and then the Turkish-Islamic guildwill be with you. Know that from now on, wherever Suleyman Shah’s son Ertugrul goes… …he will always be with the Turkish-Islamic guild. Thank you. Thank you. It should be a wedding, that should befit both the Kayi and Dodurga. Two tents will havetwo brides and two grooms. We need to invite all the tribe Beys around us. The joy of double wedding should reachto all Oghuz tribes. What do you think, brother? For the happiness of my dearest daughter, we will do as the Beys ask. This is my happiest day.I have a valiant son like Gundogdu. Thank you, my Bey, thank you. Why that long face, Halime Sultan?What is happening?

I have not seen Selcan Hatunall day long, my Bey. I am worried about her. When I came wounded, I know thatshe was always watching me. But I have not seen hersince I have recovered. The last time I saw her was before dinner.That was the last time. It bothers me, my Bey. What do my son Tugtekin anddaughter Gokce say think of this? As our Beys wish.It is alright for us, mother Hayme. Mother Hayme, with your permission. Dumrul Alp arrived.He wants to see Gundogdu Bey. Send him inside. -Dumrul!-My Bey. What happened? Noyan. What about Noyan? Talk to me, man, what about Noyan? Noyan kidnapped Selcan Hatun, my Bey. Dumrul, what are you saying, son? How can they kidnap my daughter,the wife of the Bey from the tribe? Tell me how this happened? I was following the carriage of Afrasiyab.Tangut caught me.

They blindfolded me and took me to a cave. Selcan Hatun was also on the carriage, my Bey. Noyan preferred to send a messageto you, instead of killing me, my Bey. Send what? What message, tell me! What does this coward Noyanwant from my daughter? Noyan wanted me to deliver a message… …but only to Gundogdu Bey,mother Hayme. Come with me! Mother. Please, mother. Tell me what that cur Noyan wants? He will take Selcan Hatun and come to Hell Valley. What does he want from mein return for Selcan? He wants a consignationthat Sungurtekin has. -What consignation?-He did not tell me, my Bey. He only said that you should take itand go to Hell Valley. He told me that if you are not alone, he will kill Selcan Hatun. Do not tell anyone about it, understood? Go. Son, what does this cur Noyanwant from you?

He wants a consignationthat Sungurtekin has, mother. I have nothing to give to this dishonestman, except my life, brother. Your brother Sungurtekin? I know Noyan hates him, my Bey. He trusted him once, helped himrise through the ranks in Ogeday’s army… …and then Sungurtekin becamea spy of Sultan Aladdin. I thought that the Mongols would not take prisoners. How did they take you prisoner, Sungurtekin Bey? Because I know a lot about horses. I have taken care of Genghis Khan’s horses for years. Sungur! You are like your brother Ertugrul,Sungur. You are like a tree that drawsa thunderbolt in a plain valley. You left us grief and sorrow when you left, and now you returned… …with bigger troubles. -Brother…-Shut up! Shut up, Sungur! Gundogdu! Gundogdu. I was not able tobe a good wife to you again. You were about to find peace,but I caused trouble again.

I brought the world crashing down around you. God willing, you will give me your blessings, my Bey. However, death is the best for me. A life without you is no different than death to me. Oh, Selcan! Such a bad fate you have. You are a woman that had to endure all the hard tests. Your existence is trouble,your absence is grief. If something happens to you… You snake! Do not get close to me. I swear, I will kill you. My favorite two smells,blood and woman. Noyan! If they find out that you harmed her… …you will not get the seal from Gundogdu. I will not sacrifice you now. You still have time. Ulu Bilge! You animal!

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